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Acts the 3-Man Show

Acts 3 Man ShowActs the 3-Man Show is a bold, unflinching, action packed and moving drama based on the powerful New Testament book of Acts.  Armed with one of the great dramatic narratives in the Bible, three professional and accomplished Christian actors (Bryce Lenon, Reggie Austin, and Gabriel Rivera) take the stage to play all the roles – Peter, Paul, Stephen, Barnabas, Herod, Caiaphas, Nero and dozens more.

The show has gained a stellar reputation for Biblical accuracy blended with artistic excellence

  • Witness the stoning of Stephen, Peter at Pentecost, Saul’s persecution of the church, his conversion.
  • Hear the Apostle’s bold and inspired preaching after the resurrection of Jesus
  • See repentance and healing among the Gentiles as the Gospel is preached to the ends of the earth.
  • Know Paul’s endurance at the riot in Jerusalem
  • Experience the epic storm at sea and shipwreck on Malta
  • Be Moved by Paul’s boldness before Nero and Peter’s faithfulness at his crucifixion
  • Understand more deeply the cost of following Christ and the Hope of Heaven

Written and directed by Bryce Lenon, Acts the 3-Man Show is an acting tour-de-force by performers with MFA’s in Theater and numerous stage, film and TV credits among them including 24, ER, Cold Case, House MD, Lie to Me, FlashForward, Law & Order, NCIS, CSI Miami, Homeland and Bones.  Recording artist Nathan Winston also adds his expertise as tour manager and speaker.

The U.S. theatrical run of Acts the 3-Man Show premiered in Los Angeles in 2011 and has continued to travel nationwide and has been invited to perform in large conferences and small churches alike.

“We have performed all over the country for thousands of people, but our desire is to be faithful to the Audience of One who inspired the Word from which we glean our performance.” – Bryce Lenon

Acts 3-Man Show Trailer 1 from Bryce Lenon on Vimeo.

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