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Freedom Experience


Freedom Experience (FX), is a proven and effective strategy to reach the lost that has attracted some of the world’s most respected evangelists such as Will Graham, Andrew Palau, Nick Hall, Clayton King, Brock Gill, David Nasser, and many others.  These great evangelists, together with today’s top Christian artists and entertainers, and in partnership with local churches, schools, businesses and city leaders, brings a month long effort of community outreach and positive school assemblies followed by a unique three-night, evangelistic event that is perfect for reaching people that would never darken the door of a church.


In the past, what kind of turnout has occurred at The Freedom Experience event?

Historically, FX has attracted over 6,000 people of all ages.  Almost 80% of these crowds described themselves as unchurched.

What is the message of FX?

Because we partner with great evangelists from The Billy Graham Association, Luis Palau Association, and the Next Generation Alliance, you can trust the message to be a crystal clear Gospel presentation.  We believe that the gospel changes everything and can renew the lives of of people who place their faith in Jesus Christ. Our message and ministry has been endorsed by numerous denominations and organizations.

What Artists & Speakers Will Be a Part of this Event?

Our hosting churches are able to choose from a great roster of speakers, music artists, and entertainers who have chosen to be a part of FX. You can view them by going to Build Your FX.

What Service Projects Can We Be Involved In?

Almost anything your city says they need. We meet with your mayor and other city leaders to request information on the greatest needs in your community. These local needs are brought before you and your partner churches who will choose from those needs.

What is Required to Host an FX?

1. At least five churches in your city must be on Board financially and willing to volunteer.
2. A 1,500+ seat, non-church venue (school gym, theater, civic center, etc.) is needed.
3. Numerous volunteers who want to love and serve their community.

How Do We Do This?

It is very easy. We set it all up and will let you and your leaders know exactly where to go and what to do. We believe this frees up ministers to pour into relationships and serving while the details and complicated logistics are left to us. You simply provide us with the volunteers to love and serve your local community. The FX strategy is clearly outlined in an FX handbook, which is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide to everything from putting your team together to follow up after the event with responsive attendees.

What Does This Cost?

Cost varies by location and the lineup and service projects chosen by your local churches. Typically, costs start at $9,500 split between five churches (or less than $2,000 per church) and go up from there. Thanks to our great FX partners, FX will costs less than bringing in your own event and you’ll get so much more. All costs can be adjusted to fit your city’s needs. You can also apply for an FX Scholarship to cover up to 1/2 your costs. Go to Build Your FX and make selections today.


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