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Curt Anderson's Upside Down Straitjacket


I’ve been serving evangelistic ministries for 16 years and still cannot find a more effective way to communicate the Gospel to non-believers than illusionists. I started with a minister named Brock Gill and saw how God used him to call people to repentance. The numbers are truly staggering when you look at completely unique magic events like M?ZE that attracts college students and adults to...

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M?ZE: An Outreach Experience Like No Other

“Revolutionary” – Matthew Barnett – Founder- The Dream Center LA  “Powerful!” – Franklin Graham – Evangelist “Awesome and Powerful. I’ve never seen anything like it.” – Josh Hamilton- Major League Baseball MVP, Texas Rangers Over the last decade, M?ZE has attracted lost people to churches, theaters, and universities to see a show like no other. At a glance, it appears to be pure entertainment similar...

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10 Tips For Community Outreach Events

Our ministry is all about “Bridge-Building.”  We help thousands of churches connect to people who do not typically darken the door of a church.  One of our most effective events, The Freedom Experience, consistently draws out a mostly unchurched crowd (see graphic).  The following are 10 tips for reaching out to your community. People Invite People – A non-believer is not interested in hearing a...

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Our president, Gresham Hill, has 16 years experience helping churches put on public school assemblies and many of our Reach Your City artists perform in up to 100 public schools each year. These impactful programs are great for administrators who are required to educate their students about the dangers of bullying, drugs, and other issues and it’s also a great way for youth pastors to...

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Freedom Experience Brings You the Citywide Outreach You’ve Dreamed Of

When Freedom Experience began as an outreach event for cities, they never dreamed it would attract 6,000+ people to three consecutive nights of outreach or that respected evangelists like Will Graham, Andrew Palau, Brock Gill, Nick Hall, Clayton King, & others would become a part of them.  Their vision was simply to use creative means to reach the unchurched.  And reach them they have.  Over...

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Bible-based Production Features Hollywood Actors

Acts the 3 Man Show is a theatrical production made up of quality actors who have appeared in many of the programs you’ve seen and love (24, Cold Case, Lie to Me, Crossing Jordan, The Starter Wife, Life Unexpected, NCIS, Bones, Homeland, Up All Night, ER, House MD, Law & Order, Third Watch, Hack, CSI Miami, NCIS, The Shield, Southland, & Flashforward). This fine group...

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Parenting Rules!

Actor, speaker, and author Ryan O’Quinn released his new book, Parenting Rules, this week.  Ryan, who has performed on stage, television, and movies over the course of his career and most recently toured with the Christian comedy/improv group called Team WordPlay, is now bringing his humor and unique insight to parenting.  We highly recommend you grab this book for you and your parents at  And...

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Get A Free Comedy Night at Your Church!

If you’ve read our emails this year, you know we love to give comedian Marty Simpson a hard time.  But truly, Marty is one of the best speakers, story tellers, and all around funny guys you’ll ever meet.  Which is why we love that he’s finally decided to travel for exactly what he’s worth!  FREE!   Actually, from Jan. 1 – Mar 31, 2015, Marty...

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Volunteer Appreciation Nights

Every month, we’re blessed to be able to go in and entertain the hardest workers in your church through special Volunteer Appreciation Events.  It is such a privilege for us to bring joy & laughter to the people who make your church excel from your children’s workers to custodians to your assistants.  Curt Anderson (pictured) is one of our favorites who not only brings laughter on stage...

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