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Latest Reach Your City News

M?ZE: Not Your Ordinary Magic Show

Jim Munroe captured the minds and hearts of the audience in St. Cloud, MN.  With a full array of illusions and a vibrant message, Jim sees life from a different point of view. See the full story posted by University Chronicle, St. Cloud State University HERE

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M?ZE Part of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Jim Munroe and M?ZE has been invited to partner with churches in the Columbus, Nebraska area to bring awareness to childhood cancer.  See full article HERE

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The Big Deal About Singing by Jeff Deyo

We understand, at least we’re beginning to, that worship is so much more than music. Yet, as diligent as we must be in continuing to clarify this fact, we must also refuse to ignore the truth that worshiping God through singing itself is something uniquely powerful and entirely Biblical that must not be overlooked. It’s no secret. The Bible is chock full of singing scriptures—scriptures...

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Matt Papa is Back!

We’ve all been to an event where the time of worship felt more like a concert. We know that’s not what you’re looking for in your next guest worship leader. You want experience, dependability, and authenticity. That’s why we’re so excited to welcome back Matt Papa to join our exclusive line-up of highly respected worship leaders which includes Jeff Deyo and Sixteen Cities. If you do not know Matt Papa, here’s...

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Outreach Spotlight: 321 Improv by Brian Narciza

I have a secret that I seldom tell people. My wife is aware of it and she loves me anyways but for the purposes of this post I have to come clean to the world. I…love improv comedy, there I said it. Something about unscripted jokes brings a smile to my face that other forms of humor can’t emulate. It’s interactive so you become a...

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321 Improv Comedy – Every Show is Different

Recently we were able to get up close and personal with Carl Crispin, the founder and part of the 3-person team of 321 Improv. He was more than happy to fill us in on some of his behind-the-scenes thoughts. Q: What is your favorite audience to perform for? Carl:   Great question! The answer I always give is any room that has a few more people...

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Worship City Ministries Announces New Partnership with SaveOne

Jeff Deyo and Worship City Ministries are proud to announce a new partnership with SaveOne to make Moving Mountains the new SaveOne theme song SaveOne is a powerful ministry who’s mission is to reach men and women who are suffering in silence after an abortion. With over 55 million abortions being performed in the USA in the last half century, there are many untold stories full of...

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Jeff Deyo Published in Worship Leader Magazine

Worship Leader Magazine is a powerful resource for worship leaders around the world as well as for the church at large. Publishing an article in this well established magazine is truly an honor. And this is exactly what Jeff Deyo has had the opportunity to do…again. “My relationship with Worship Leader Magazine has been ongoing for many years now. And still, I have never taken...

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Teen Sexting Issues Facing Leaders and Administrators

Blog from Clint Thomas, School Assembly Speaker As the 2017-18 school year approaches, administrators and educators must prepare for the increased digital communication.  The number of students bringing cell phones to school is on the rise and administrators face the dilemma what cell phone incidents warrant discipline.  Principals and teachers alike must be educated to the fact that cell phones and electronics are an integral...

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Magician, Cancer Survivor to Headline Inspirational Series at Judson

Jim Munroe will be returning as the keynote speaker at Judson University’s World Leaders Forum Inspirational Series on October 9, 2017.  See the full article HERE.

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Parents Worst Nightmare by Clint Thomas

A parent’s worst nightmare is upon us! “SUMMER VACATION.” The fear of inactivity, lack of supervision and a realistic concern that tweens and teens will remain in vegetative, media-induced hypnotism all summer is just beginning to haunt their minds — not to mention the potential of high risk behavior. THE STATISTICS SHOW As educators, counselors and principals, the concern for our students’ well-being, retention of values,...

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Thoughts from 30,000 Feet in the Air by Carl Crispin

I love staring out the window of the airplane as we cruise at 30,000 feet, looking down on the clouds. It gives me a sense of being closer to God and I always sense His power, His peace and His greatness when I’m looking out at the wonder of His creation. 321 Improv spends a lot of time on planes and it’s a great place...

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