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Bible-based Production Features Hollywood Actors

Posted 29th, December 2014 in News, Uncategorized by

acts0117Acts the 3 Man Show is a theatrical production made up of quality actors who have appeared in many of the programs you’ve seen and love (24, Cold Case, Lie to Me, Crossing Jordan, The Starter Wife, Life Unexpected, NCIS, Bones, Homeland, Up All Night, ER, House MD, Law & Order, Third Watch, Hack, CSI Miami, NCIS, The Shield, Southland, & Flashforward). This fine group of believers takes their audience on a journey through the Book of Acts from the stoning of Stephen all the way to the historical accounts of the apostle’s deaths.  This emotional, powerful, Christ-centered production will bring to life the Scriptures like nothing your members have ever seen.  Churches can cover the full cost as an outreach to their community or they can sell tickets and recoup 100% of the costs.  Ticket sales have averaged over 400 tickets sold at $15-$25 over the last few years with many churches effectively selling 800+ tickets to a single night’s performance.  It’s a unique and fantastic event that any Bible-believing church will enjoy.