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Pretentious Christian Comedian Demands The Kitchen Sink on His Rider

Everyone has heard stories of famous rock bands demanding certain incredibly specific things on their riders like “only green M & M’s” or “Chex Mix with no bagel chips.” We had always chalked it up to the stuff of legend. Well now, Christian Comedian Marty Simpson has taken this concept to a new extreme. Included in his demands are hotel rooms for his two golden...

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Marty Simpson Featured on ESPN Gameday

Recently one of our artists was fortunate enough to be featured on ESPN’s College Football Gameday program. Marty Simpson is a comedian but also a big-time South Carolina Gamecock fan. After his All-American high school career, Marty went on to star for the Gamecocks from 1991-1995. He was the team’s leading scorer in 1992 and scored the first six points by any Gamecock player in...

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Marty Simpson Comedy

Work on Being the Blessing, Not Receiving It

The following is Marty Simpson’s perspective on performing. A few years ago I struggled with how to “break into” doing comedy for a living. I was very concerned and motivated to figure out a way to increase my performance fee and book as many gigs as possible in order to make a living doing comedy. At some point around three years ago I let all...

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Lady Houdini’s Escape Act Breaks Through Not Just Handcuffs

NPR News Kristen Johnson is no “lovely” magician’s assistant. She’s Lady Houdini, an escape artist who has successfully performed thousands of public feats and has broken Harry Houdini’s record for most water escapes ever. “Kristen Johnson is currently the only female anywhere in the world attempting the water torture cell,” says her husband, magician Kevin Ridgeway, to an audience at the Western Idaho State Fair...

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Enemy Opposition Highlights

2013 was the busiest year we have experienced in the 12 years we have been an active ministry and it came with many encouraging stories.  One event in particular that was awesome took place in Brunswick, GA where we had the privilege to partner with the First Baptist Church in a demo/skate comp event! For this event the First Baptist Church hosted a skateboard comp,...

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“Not Possible”

“I’m afraid THAT is probably not going to happen. There is no way that your immune system will be able to handle a demanding travel schedule for at least two full years…. at the very minimum.” My oncologist was quite emphatic with these words as I described my occupation as a traveling evangelist. I was fighting for my life at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and...

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Outcast BMX 2013 Review

This past year was certainly one to remember for Outcast BMX.  We were able to travel all over the United States putting on BMX demonstrations while also bringing the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. In 2012 we were able to visit a town called Portsmouth, VA and they decided to bring us back again this past year.  We were excited to go back and visit...

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Escaping the Truth: A Life Changed Forever

This past September 2013, God reminded me once again why He chose to use me and my unusual art to further His kingdom. I am not a Novelty act or just some filler program a church might use to try something different. God reminded me how important my role is and how I should never take my place in the body of Christ lightly. I...

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9 Weeks at MetroLive in Houston

This past summer I was afforded the opportunity to speak at a gathering called MetroLive in Houston, TX. Over a nine-week period, young adults from all over the city would come together for worship and a time in the word. The theme for the event this summer was, “Breaking Free”. Our goal was to examine what the Word of God had to say to us...

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Acts the 3 Man Show’s Newest Cast Member

Some shots of our new cast member Gabriel Rivera in action.

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