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Marty Simpson in Arlington, NE

Marty Simpson is a versatile comedian!   In October, Marty traveled to Arlington, NE as the entertainment for the St. Paul’s Lutheran School Gala to help raise funds to accelerate the school’s curriculum updates, to supplement the technology budget, and to provide scholarships to support Christian environments. While in Arlington, Marty also performed for two school assemblies at both a private and public school.   Using his...

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Parenting Rules!

Actor, speaker, and author Ryan O’Quinn released his new book, Parenting Rules, this week.  Ryan, who has performed on stage, television, and movies over the course of his career and most recently toured with the Christian comedy/improv group called Team WordPlay, is now bringing his humor and unique insight to parenting.  We highly recommend you grab this book for you and your parents at  And...

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Get A Free Comedy Night at Your Church!

If you’ve read our emails this year, you know we love to give comedian Marty Simpson a hard time.  But truly, Marty is one of the best speakers, story tellers, and all around funny guys you’ll ever meet.  Which is why we love that he’s finally decided to travel for exactly what he’s worth!  FREE!   Actually, from Jan. 1 – Mar 31, 2015, Marty...

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Volunteer Appreciation Nights

Every month, we’re blessed to be able to go in and entertain the hardest workers in your church through special Volunteer Appreciation Events.  It is such a privilege for us to bring joy & laughter to the people who make your church excel from your children’s workers to custodians to your assistants.  Curt Anderson (pictured) is one of our favorites who not only brings laughter on stage...

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University Students Find Their Way in The M?ZE

M?ZE is entertaining and bewildering students at university campuses across the nation with its unique illusion and magic. During the first few weeks of September, hundreds of lives have been changed for eternity. This exciting live event is impacting and changing lives on these campuses. At Georgia State University in Atlanta, over 1200 students filled the ballroom and an overflow room, plus another 200 were turned...

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Even Though We Warned Them, The Harvest Show Sat Down with Marty Simpson Anyway

Even though we warned the producers of The Harvest Show that they may not want to do a feature story on Marty Simpson, they just wouldn’t listen. They insisted that he be on their show while he was in the area performing at Lifest. (One of the largest Christian music festivals in the country.) Marty sat down with The Harvest Show to promote his new...

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“We Leak What We Love” by Bob Goff

Last year I made friends with a child in Uganda who was abducted and mutilated by witch doctors. Amazingly, I also met a surgeon about the same time, a man named Randy Sherman who happened to be the worlds leading expert on repairing the exact damage done to the Ugandan boy. Needless to say, I introduced the two and the story went from tragedy to...

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Team Word Play “Frozen” Video Goes Viral!!

The Hilarious video, created by Team Word Play’s Ryan O’Quinn and Todd Wilkerson, has garnered 500,000 + hits in just 48 hours. The team of 3 men including Ryan, Todd and Director Matt Reithmayr started out as a small group bible study for men with 10 years experience each, in Hollywood. The concept, lyrics and video was shot in under 2 days. The video has...

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Don’t Blink: Magician Amazes Keegan Bradley

Jim Munroe was asked to perform for some of PGA’s top golfers. See what happens when Jim does close-up magic with Keegan Bradley.

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Pretentious Christian Comedian Demands The Kitchen Sink on His Rider

Everyone has heard stories of famous rock bands demanding certain incredibly specific things on their riders like “only green M & M’s” or “Chex Mix with no bagel chips.” We had always chalked it up to the stuff of legend. Well now, Christian Comedian Marty Simpson has taken this concept to a new extreme. Included in his demands are hotel rooms for his two golden...

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Marty Simpson Featured on ESPN Gameday

Recently one of our artists was fortunate enough to be featured on ESPN’s College Football Gameday program. Marty Simpson is a comedian but also a big-time South Carolina Gamecock fan. After his All-American high school career, Marty went on to star for the Gamecocks from 1991-1995. He was the team’s leading scorer in 1992 and scored the first six points by any Gamecock player in...

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Marty Simpson Comedy

Work on Being the Blessing, Not Receiving It

The following is Marty Simpson’s perspective on performing. A few years ago I struggled with how to “break into” doing comedy for a living. I was very concerned and motivated to figure out a way to increase my performance fee and book as many gigs as possible in order to make a living doing comedy. At some point around three years ago I let all...

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