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What God Can Do with Just One Day a Week

  “There are never enough hours in my week.” “I’m tired all the time” “If I stop to take a day off, we’ll never make it financially” “But you don’t know how much pressure I’m under to produce” “If I just work a little harder, this deal will come through”   Sound familiar?  The pressure to make money, keep things moving, balance the spinning plates...

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M?ZE Partners with Chi Alpha at University of Wyoming

M?ZE has now partnered with Chi Alpha and have kicked off their Chi Alpha tour on September 10 at the University of Wyoming. Between 1400 and 1500 people attended, the majority being students.  Derik Buescher, the Chi Alpha University of Wyoming Director said, “The venue coordinator told me we wouldn’t draw more than 600-800.  He had never seen a free show let alone a magic show that would...

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The Right and Wrong Side of the Cross

  Curtis Zackery (CZ) is helping Louisiana College start off on the the right foot this semester by speaking at a series of revival services called “Reboot.” CZ talked about a misconception he called “the right and wrong side of the cross.”Read more HERE.

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All Because I Decided to See a Magician on Campus

I never planned on becoming a bone marrow donor. The whole concept honestly freaked me out, which is why when Be the Match visited campus to try and recruit volunteers, I avoided the booth at all costs. Little did I know that a week or two later, my life would be affected in more than one way from watching M?ZE with my friends. Ever since I...

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Marty Simpson To Perform at Amish Door Restaurant

After sharing his unique brand of stand-up comedy with the men at the annual Lifeway Main Event in Kansas City this past summer, Marty Simpson will be heading to Ohio to perform at the prestigious Amish Door Restaurant. The Amish Door has hosted concerts for Anita Renfroe, award winning southern gospel tenor, Brian Free and Assurance, and many other nationally known acts.

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Ryan O’Quinn Scouting Grundy, VA for Potential Film Location

  Ryan O’Quin along with two Hollywood producers are scouting locations for a new movie tentatively call “Believe.”  Read more HERE.

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Wrapping Up Back to School Season

321 Improv Comedy travels the country year round performing for a wide variety of audiences. This time of year, they’re usually in front of a lot of college students for New Student Orientation Events, College Chapel Services, and other back to school celebrations. This year was no different, and the guys from 321 Improv are wrapping up their time on campus and transitioning into their...

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God’s Presence—What Is It?

What is God’s presence? Have you ever pondered this? Can it come? Can it go? Is it an “it” or what? Deyo tackles this and more in an article he wrote that is currently featured on Worship Leader Magazine’s website HERE. “Couldn’t it also be true that we may find ourselves physically present in a room with other believers, in a nice building with atmospheric...

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Man Performs An Adorable Magic Trick To Propose To His Girlfriend

Is there anything better than a great love story?! We can’t get enough of the truly precious moments here at LittleThings. Some of my all-time favorite videos to share with our amazing audience are wedding proposals. Every girl dreams of the day her love will pop the question and you just have to smile when that day comes and she’s taken completely by surprise. Not to...

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Discover How Your Church is Unique

Take this short test to discover how God has made your church unique. Unique Location God has placed your church in a unique mission field! You are a missionary to a unique group of people. Your assignment is to assess the culture, understand its values, and figure out how to engage it! Questions to ask: How do people in our community invest their time, energy...

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New FREE Sampler with Deyo’s Moving Mountains Releases on NoiseTrade president, Kevin McNeese, announced today the official release of the new music sampler, #ReCreation, at, including songs from artists like Disciple, Shonlock, Brian Campbell, Ginny Owens, Remedy Drive, Bread of Stone, Jonathan Thulin, The Exchange, Brothers McClurg and many more, as well as our own Jeff Deyo. This summer 2015, hosted the all new Acoustic Stage at Creation Northeast, Creation Ichthus, Sonshine...

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Jesus Loves “Cool People”

Jesus met the sinner where he was at in life. Curt Anderson provides churches a great opportunity today to do the same thing. Recently Curt Anderson had a 22-year-old approach him after The Magic of Curt Anderson show. He was in tears! He told Curt how he only came to church to see the illusions. He hated church! He went on to tell Curt how...

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