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Deyo Releases Fresh New Music Video

The long awaited new music video from Jeff Deyo has finally arrived. Watch it here. The Deyo-penned original, “I Belong To You”, as recorded on the North Central University Worship Live CD, Hearts On Fire, now has a high quality, fully produced music video to go with it. Recorded this summer on the rooftop of the NCU dormitory, Carlson Hall, with the Minneapolis city scape...

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M?ZE: An Outreach Experience Like No Other

“Revolutionary” – Matthew Barnett – Founder- The Dream Center LA  “Powerful!” – Franklin Graham – Evangelist “Awesome and Powerful. I’ve never seen anything like it.” – Josh Hamilton- Major League Baseball MVP, Texas Rangers Over the last decade, M?ZE has attracted lost people to churches, theaters, and universities to see a show like no other. At a glance, it appears to be pure entertainment similar...

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Cheap Worship and Costly Worship…Thoughts from Grant Norsworthy

Does it cost you anything to worship God? Is it expensive? Or is worship inexpensive? Or, rather than thinking there is any cost to worship at all, do you look at worship as a wonderful gift for you to enjoy with no significant cost? I explored these questions in this week’s vlog. Watch the video and, if it sparks your interest, please read this blogpost to go even deeper. For...

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Deyo Anticipates Full Month of Traveling Ministry

  Jeff Deyo will hit the road this November as he packs his suitcase for Lacrosse WI, St. Louis MO, and even Hyderabad, India.  Joined by One Accord, the top touring worship band at North Central University, he will be leading worship at the Wisconsin/Northern Michigan District AG Youth Convention Oct 30-Nov 1 and the Missouri District AG Youth Convention Nov 20-21. “This is what...

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Curtis Zackery speaks at Louisiana College at Reboot Conference

Curtis Zackery (CZ) along with Lee Howell and Sammy Tippit were the guest speakers at the Reboot Revival Services at Louisiana College. CZ spoke about how no one can be on the right or wrong side of the cross, but that everyone meets at the cross. Rick Brewer, President of Louisiana College said, “I can’t think of a finer way to begin the year!”

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Grundy VA Selected as Location for Film Project with Ryan O’Quinn

Grundy VA is the location for the new film project tentative titled “Believe” that will star Ryan O’Quinn.  The plot of the film revolves around two families from different walks of life who come together to save an annual Christmas pageant.  Filming is scheduled to begin early next year.

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Becoming a Living Sacrifice – Thoughts from Curtis Zackery

The greatest thing that we can celebrate together is the beauty of the great love and grace that Christ has shown us. Because of His great mercies, our proper response is to be what Paul calls a “living sacrifice.” I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is...

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Coast to Coast Success

Curt Anderson continues to bring his unique style of evangelism from coast to coast to impact people of all ages. More than 300 students chose to attend a lunch event sponsored by Campus Life at Centennial High School in Bakersfield, CA last week.  Curt created excitement with his illusions, and pizza and flyers for the evening outreach were handed out. That evening Valley Baptist Church...

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New Comedian’s Instruction Manual Coming Soon

Marty Simpson is in the early stages of writing his first book, “Ruining Little League: How America has Destroyed the Youth Sports Experience” which will serve as a comedian’s instruction manual for how coaches, parents, and players should act and react during the youth sports seasons. Look for more news about this exciting venture in early 2016.

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What God Can Do with Just One Day a Week

  “There are never enough hours in my week.” “I’m tired all the time” “If I stop to take a day off, we’ll never make it financially” “But you don’t know how much pressure I’m under to produce” “If I just work a little harder, this deal will come through”   Sound familiar?  The pressure to make money, keep things moving, balance the spinning plates...

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M?ZE Partners with Chi Alpha at University of Wyoming

M?ZE has now partnered with Chi Alpha and have kicked off their Chi Alpha tour on September 10 at the University of Wyoming. Between 1400 and 1500 people attended, the majority being students.  Derik Buescher, the Chi Alpha University of Wyoming Director said, “The venue coordinator told me we wouldn’t draw more than 600-800.  He had never seen a free show let alone a magic show that would...

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The Right and Wrong Side of the Cross

  Curtis Zackery (CZ) is helping Louisiana College start off on the the right foot this semester by speaking at a series of revival services called “Reboot.” CZ talked about a misconception he called “the right and wrong side of the cross.”Read more HERE.

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