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God Always Has a Bigger Plan than We Have

Posted 19th, April 2016 in News by

Maze Jan 2015 resizedM?ZE and my brother’s wedding were two independent events that occurred three days apart. Little did I know, God had a different plan which made these two things very interdependent in order that His glory might shine bright.

The night the M?ZE event came around, my brother and his fiancé, {Mary}, surprisingly showed up.  Little did I know that it would be an answer to months of prayer. After the event, I got the stack of Junior High commitment cards and was sorting through them when {Mary’s} name came up with a circle indicating she had made a decision to follow Jesus. What?! I texted her immediately and we met the next day. The relationship between Jim Munroe and his bone marrow donor stuck out to{Mary} as she listened to his testimony…it was personal and real. She expressed what Jesus had been doing in her life, helping her to let go of things and transforming her into a whole new person. She talked about how she didn’t want to just be a Christian but how she wanted to fully surrender everything to Jesus.

Our conversation was a time of healing and connection for the both of us which made the wedding that much more special because I wasn’t just getting a sister-in-law, I was getting a new sister in Christ Jesus. Praise be to Jesus who always has a bigger plan than I do!

{John}  Student Leader
M?ZE Cal State Bakersfield  March 1-2, 2016

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