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Growing Student Ministry by Gresham HIll

Posted 12th, May 2017 in Blog, News by

Whether you’re the senior pastor or simply a member of a church, you probably care a great deal about the young people in your local community. How can we reach those that go nowhere to church? How can we grow our student ministry? How can we excite our students to reach their friends with the Gospel?

I’ve had the privilege of serving thousands of student leaders with youth outreach events over the last 18 years. I’ve been a part of the ones that had lasting effect and those that flopped. I’ve learned a lot. Here are three things that might help your student leader:

1)   School Assemblies or “School Lunch Strategies” are a big boost to your event attendance and church growth.
2)   It takes years to build trust. A three-year commitment to growing your outreach is essential.
3)   Hand out printed tickets. Students need something in their hand to truly believe they’ll get in for free.

I hope these ideas help you. If you need any more insights on what I’ve seen be effective after over 5,000 events, feel free to set up a free consultation with me by clicking on my schedule here or just reply back and we’ll find a time to connect.