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Man Performs An Adorable Magic Trick To Propose To His Girlfriend

Posted 28th, August 2015 in News by

Is there anything better than a great love story?!

We can’t get enough of the truly precious moments here at LittleThings. Some of my all-time favorite videos to share with our amazing audience are wedding proposals. Every girl dreams of the day her love will pop the question and you just have to smile when that day comes and she’s taken completely by surprise.

Not to put too much pressure on the guys, but the best part about marriage proposals is that there’s so much room for creativity. There’s something really sweet about a proposal that’s thoughtful and personal like this flip-book surprise, but some guys really know how to go above and beyond to make the moment extra special.

In the following video we learn that Zak Mirzadeh has gone to great lengths to plan a proposal his girlfriend Jordyn just has to say “Yes!” to. Zak told Jordyn that he was learning how to draw and asked her to take a look at some of his sketches while on a picnic. When Jordyn sees an unfinished drawing, Zak sneakily asks her to fill in the rest and add a ring. That’s when he took it even further and showed her a magic trick he’d been working on.

At that point, I figured she must know something was up, but she looked beyond shocked when an actual diamond ring appeared in her hand!

See the proposal HERE.

Written by Caroline Bayard