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Matt Papa is Back!

Posted 23rd, August 2017 in News by

We’ve all been to an event where the time of worship felt more like a concert. We know that’s not what you’re looking for in your next guest worship leader. You want experience, dependability, and authenticity. That’s why we’re so excited to welcome back Matt Papa to join our exclusive line-up of highly respected worship leaders which includes Jeff Deyo and Sixteen Cities.

If you do not know Matt Papa, here’s a link to a downloadable PDF   – MATT PAPA –  with numerous pastoral endorsements on Matt and his amazing history in worship ministry. Matt is incredibly versatile in the style he can bring to your event. His worship styles range from contemporary music similar to Hillsong United or Chris Tomlin to reformed hymns such as The Getty’s to bluegrass/folk acoustic worship similar to The Avett Brothers. Matt’s giftings enable him to meet the needs of you and your church in a way that most worship leaders cannot.

“I have known Matt since he was about 17 years old, and through all these years, I have had great respect for his maturity, passion, and desire to exalt Christ in all he is and all he does. It is great to have him leading with us, regardless of it being a large stage or a small intimate crowd. Matt knows who he is and who he is leading for.”

– J. Roger Davis – Youth Ministry 360

If you know us well, you know that Reach Your City does not recommend today’s flavor of the month worship leader. That’s not who we are. We carefully select true worshippers who have years and years of experience bringing congregations to the Throne.

Matt has served in countless ministry events over the last decade, leading worship regularly at The Summit Church with J.D. Greear and serving alongside other respected pastors and worship leaders. His ability to bring various styles into your worship service enables him to meet the needs of a wide range of churches.

If you’re looking for the absolute best in corporate worship for men’s events, for family worship, student events, and more, we highly recommend Matt Papa.