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Marty Simpson Doesn’t Condone Gambling, But . . .

Recently one of our artists was fortunate enough to be featured on ESPN’s College Football Gameday program. Marty Simpson is a comedian but also a big-time South Carolina Gamecock fan. After his All-American high school career, Marty went on to star for the Gamecocks from 1991-1995. He was the team’s leading scorer in 1992 and scored the first six points by any player in the S.E.C.

After becoming a comedian, Marty started doing rivalry week videos specifically about the fans of the Clemson Tigers. Those can be seen here.

But this year, Marty had an official contest with a Clemson fan named “Clemson Tom.” Marty met Tom when they were both on a local sports talk radio show together discussing their respective teams. Marty and Tom engaged in a contest to see who could raise more money from their fans, 1 dollar at a time. All the proceeds of this fund raising effort would be dedicated solely to making a video about the other’s rival. The catch was, the loser of the contest had to willingly be featured in the other’s video.

Marty won the contest and his video of Clemson Tom was featured on ESPN’s Gameday. You can see the story below. The ESPN announcers refer to this “contest” as a “bet.” But it was not a bet, it was a contest. A contest in which the loser had consequences.

You can check out the entire Clemson Tom / Marty Simpson video here.

And another fan favorite video from this past season was Marty’s expose piece about the impact on the local environment that Clemson has when it releases 30,000 latex balloons at each home game.

Marty’s original video discussing the supposed historical “domination” in the rivalry that Clemson has can be seen here. This video was created to address the Clemson fans only wanting to discuss the historical record in the midst of a five year run of wins by the Gamecocks.

Marty Simpson

Marty Simpson :: Comedian & Master Storyteller

Marty is hilarious. Christian Comedian, Thor Ramsey (Bananas, Thou Shalt Laugh) said after seeing Marty perform,

I haven’t laughed that hard since I saw Brian Regan the very first time.

See Marty Simpson’s full bio page here.