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Outcast BMX in GA

Recently we had the privilege of performing in Athens, GA as part of a community outreach with the Church of the Nations. They brought us in to put on one of our BMX demonstrations but even more to share our love for Jesus with everyone who was there to attend the event. We are always psyched when we are part of events that are packed with little kids because we know that they will be blown away by our show. It also takes our riders back to the day when they were little kids and saw their first BMX demo and how it impacted their lives in such a large way. It was even more fun to check out all of the cool costumes the kids, and even some adults, were wearing that day!

We had a great time riding for everyone and it was amazing how interactive everyone was. We didn’t have a silent moment during our show and it was certainly not silent when our riders decided to throw in their flips and spins! To top it all off Neal was able to share how Outcast BMX uses riding and performing as a form of worship. He shared his testimony about how Jesus changed his life and what it means to live in a relationship with God the Father through faith in Jesus! He also encouraged all of the little ones there that they can worship God through anything they love to do!

It was a blessing to partner with such an awesome church and to be welcomed into such an awesome community. We are hoping to make it back to Athens, GA again for this event and maybe we can bring our own costumes next time!

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