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Outcast BMX 2013 Review

Posted 9th, January 2014 in News by

Outcast Outside WebB

This past year was certainly one to remember for Outcast BMX.  We were able to travel all over the United States putting on BMX demonstrations while also bringing the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ.

In 2012 we were able to visit a town called Portsmouth, VA and they decided to bring us back again this past year.  We were excited to go back and visit friends that we had made the previous year and put on another awesome show for them.
This year ended up being a bit different than the last because 5 minutes into our demo it started to downpour but that did not stop Joel Barnett from throwing a backflip on the quarter pipe to thrill the audience.  The reason that this event sticks out is because despite the rain we did not set aside delivering a message of salvation in Jesus Christ.  In the midst of the rain we stood there and preached the Gospel and people stayed there with us.  It was incredible to see that God had a plan for his word to be spoken and that not even rain could deter people from hearing it, listening and responding.

We do a lot of traveling and run into many different types of situations that should hinder our ability to perform and speak, but God our Father has always had our backs.  He has always been with us as we travel, perform and speak and even when the odds seem to be against us he makes himself known and people hear the saving message of Jesus Christ.

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