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Painting Truth Below His Heaven to Our Earth

Posted 27th, July 2015 in News by

EST School Close Up AudienceEric Samuel Timm is being used of God to speak and paint truth below His heaven to our earth. Ministry updates are tough for Eric. Not because he doesn’t want to share what God is doing in the events he is part of, but because he is constantly on the road speaking, painting, reading, writing, creating, and curating the vision God has for the next season…100% in ministry.  When he’s home, as a father of three and husband to one, he’s fully home…100% in ministry.

Eric is known for his relationships with people and particularly youth. They are not a distraction…they are his ministry.  Eric says, “I do my best to love kids and give them the Word of God, not some candy hype. That’s what I would want for my kids. That’s the trick to being a good pastor, minister, follower of Jesus — loving people like you love yourself and your own.” This letter from the Mom of an 11-year old girl attests to the power of God as it flowed through Eric during a recent event.

Dear XXX –

I am writing to let you know the amazing impact that tonight’s speaker (Eric Samuel Timm)  had on our daughter, Linda .

Linda has been struggling the last month or so with some pretty significant anxiety around the topic of death/dying.  Her grandfather was recently diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer, and his death is certain in the months to come- there is no cure.  She has been so anxious and afraid – full of questions.  Full of intense fear of the unknown.  Overwhelming thoughts that haunt her when her head hits the pillow at night.  Trying to trust and have faith, but also questioning heaven and where God even is in all of this.

We have been trying to figure out how to help her.  We’ve been praying with and for her, and have even been contemplating reaching out to one of the youth pastors/staff at the church for help.  We really weren’t sure how to help her through this.

Tonight…well, tonight she walked in the door with a huge smile on her face and lit up the room as she said, “MOM!!  Tonight was AWESOME!”  She went on to tell me that the speaker talked a lot about the topic of death.  “Mom–guess what he told us?  He told us that GOD defeats DEATH!! Isn’t that awesome?”  She talked about the need to trust Jesus in all of this.  She told me that she really felt like this message was for her and that she “really, really needed to hear this.” Her whole spirit was different tonight…calm, confident, and full of trust in Jesus.

So… thank you. Please know that one little eleven year-old life was greatly touched by that ministry tonight.  You have helped our daughter in a huge way!!

Thankful for answered prayers,

A mom who loves Eric Samuel Timm