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Eric Samuel Timm Quotes

“With enthusiasm I would recommend Eric as a communicator. He has served us with dedication and intentionality, honoring the themes and environment we implement at our events. Eric is engaging and genuine as a speaker, as well as in person. His creativity and intelligence shine through his work, as does his hope to see lives deeply impacted by Jesus.”

- Mark Colwell, Youth Ministries Director – Overflow Youth Conference Pastor

“Eric was amazing! It was such a blessing to have him as part of our kick off meetings. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. He has set the bar so high I am not sure how we improve our event next year.”


- Jason Lakes, Vice President of Sales, Renovia – Indianapolis, IN

Eric Samuel Timm is by far one of the most engaging, humorous, and effective speakers I have seen. Not only is he easy to work with, he was a joy to be around, extremely personable, and our students LOVED him! He had all 400 of our students on the edge of their seats, laughing and learning the entire time. When you put together his amazing paintings, his dynamic speaking style, and his passion for discipleship it makes for a home-run. I recommend Eric Samuel Timm for any type of student ministry retreat. He is certainly a class act and has a love for Jesus!

- Wilson Barber, Associate Youth Director – Roswell United Methodist Church – Roswell, GA

“Eric Samuel Timm is in tune with the Holy Spirit. He naturally connects with this generation of college students and young adults! It’s a delight teaming up with him.”

- Josiah Kennealy, Connection & Young Adult Pastor – Cedar Valley Church

“Eric Samuel Timm is a phenomenal communicator.  His energy and presentation captivated the students and leaders and allowed the message to sink in deep into their hearts.”

- Stancle Williams, District Youth Director – South Texas Youth Ministries

“Eric Samuel Timm is a humble, gifted, orator-artist who understands and connects well with our current culture through penetrating insight and disarming humor. We thoroughly enjoyed and were blessed by Eric Samuel Timm’s ministry.”

- Stan Reeder, Superintendent – OR Pacific District Church of the Nazarene

“Eric Samuel Timm provided such a rich, spiritual and biblical depth, while also making the truths of Christ so very accessible.  He was a blast to work with as he dreamed with our team leading up to the event and really worked with us to make our event better than we could have hoped.”

- Matt Taylor, Youth Pastor – Nashville First Church of the Nazarene

“The entire program was outstanding!  Eric had the students laughing, crying, and really thinking about how they treat others.   We had great follow-up activities for students too.  One of the best assemblies we’ve ever had!”

- Andy Muszytowski, Principal – St Francis High School, St. Francis, WI

“Eric Samuel Timm is not only an outstanding communicator, but a humble and gracious brother in Christ. I look forward to having him return to Bayside Chapel!”

- Dave Ridder, Senior Pastor – Bayside Chapel, Barnegat NJ

“Eric has consistently been one of the most powerful communicators at our conferences over the past 28 years.  God has gifted him with the ability to share the Gospel in a very genuine and creative way that dramatically impacts the hearts of students.  Eric is a team player with a humble spirit and we look forward to partnering with him again in the future.”

- Chip Pierce, COO and Conference Director – YFC Metro Maryland

“Eric Samuel Timm is fantastic on so many levels! He invested in the students, leaders, and staff at our retreat. He is not only a gifted artist, but an engaging communicator who remains true to the Word of God. Not to mention, I think he’s hilarious!”

- Derek Hodne, Program Director Camp Orchard Hill – Dallas, PA

“Eric Samuel Timm always does a fantastic job connecting with our students.  His creative and down to earth approach draws them into an authentic conversation.  He uses light and captivating stories, but connects these stories to deep scriptural truths.  He is always a favorite chapel speaker that the students remember for years.”

- Jennie Williams, Associate Chaplain Eastern Nazarene College

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