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jeff-deyo Quotes

“Working with Jeff Deyo and Reach Your City was smooth sailing from start to finish. They had clear and consistent communication and were willing to help put together a customized worship conference that was just what our local church wanted.”

- Terry McLeod, Summit Northwest Ministries – Post Falls, ID

“It was a blessing to have Jeff come and lead in worship…He was very friendly and upbeat from the get go. He connected with the students and leaders…Thank you for the opportunity to work with you to accomplish this. Looking forward to connecting again.”

- Steven Sims, Worship Pastor – Fig Hill Church, Hamilton, MS

“We hosted Jeff for a three hour workshop where Jeff talked to us about worship in our churches.  We had a small group of twenty which was a perfect size for the event, and Jeff was able to really interact with us.  He did a phenomenal job and really helped us become better worship leaders.  I appreciated that entire time and was left wanting more when he was finished.”

- Curtis Brophy, Associate Pastor – Knox United Presbyterian Church

“We truly enjoyed hosting Jeff Deyo and his band.  They are dedicated to their craft and not only lead worship, but it truly seems like their worship is inspired by their relationship with Jesus Christ.  They accommodated the church in order to create the best sounding concert in the venue we had to offer.  I have always admired Jeff’s music and his compassionate lyrics that are lifted up to God.  I would highly recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking for a time of worship for a congregation or community.”

- Curtis Brophy, Associate Pastor – Knox United Presbyterian Church

“Jeff was really engaged in the weekend beyond just his scheduled times of worship.  He made the weekend extra special and blessed us immensely. During worship, he really connected with the youth and was not only leading worship but teaching how to worship.  I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for spirit-led worship.”

- Tracy Bashore, Director of Operations – Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch

“Jeff Deyo, along with his band, did an amazing job at our youth conference.  He did a great job connecting with the students and was very effective in leading. We could really trust Jeff to be able to lead students in worship and prayer…The seminar was great!  He brought great content and substance.”

- Pastor Jun Kwon, Promise Ministries International – Flushing NY

“Great music has a way of connecting with culture while bypassing defense mechanisms and touching the heart.  That’s why we need more mission-minded musicians whose message goes beyond their music.  Jeff Deyo and PWI are on the leading edge of a movement toward excellence and creativity that is helping incarnate the gospel and impact culture!”

- Mark Batterson – Lead Pastor, National Community Church

“Jeff leads us in worship with great music and a passionate heart to serve our Savior. With our hands lifted high, God takes a hold on our hearts & makes His great love and grace known in a very real way. Jeff is a tool in the hand of God.”

- Kirk Cameron – Actor

“Exodus 31 alludes to an inseparable link between art, the Holy Spirit, and God’s heart. PWI is the total package for expressing this link for emerging leaders and seasoned ones. We cannot ignore the importance of this moment and I say thank you to PWI for posturing us toward the future.”

- Heath Adamson, AG Youth Ministries / Senior Dir of Ministry Business

“God raises up people with specific callings and unique anointings to carry out His purposes. This generation was created to worship God, and Jeff Deyo was created to nurture the skills and hearts of tomorrow’s musicians and worship leaders.”

- Scotty Gibbons, Reallife Student Min. Director – James River Assembly

“I have toured with Jeff Deyo and his band as they have led crowds of Christians and non-Christians alike in worship. Jeff and the band have a unique anointing to lead worship that appeals to both young and old. Through the worship, people are drawn to a closer relationship with the Lord. They have a sincere servant’s heart.”

- Dawson McAllister, Evangelist

“As an event promoter, I have had the opportunity to put Jeff Deyo in front of thousands of teenagers and leaders and have experienced first hand his gift to lead us all into the heart of worship in a way that is truly authentic and real! I believe the Lord is now positioning Jeff to mentor the next generation of singers, musicians, and worship leaders!”

- Gary Greco, Executive Director – Hampstead/Hanover Youth for Christ

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