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kyle-sherman Quotes

“This summer, we had a chance to have Kyle Sherman open for us. Kyle is not only super talented, but so humble and easy to work with. I wish we could’ve gotten him out on more of our shows.”

- Darren Hughes – Casting Crowns Stage Manager

“We had the pleasure of touring with Kyle on The Roadshow 2014. He’s a great artist to work with. His catchy songs and fun, energetic live presence really connect with the audience.”

- The Neverclaim

“I got to know Kyle on a tour that we did together. Not only is he a great talent and easy to work with, be he is as genuine as they come. I’m definitely a huge Kyle Sherman fan.”

- Josh Havens, The Afters

“Kyle has an anointing that is unique and powerful, and I’m expecting God to do great things through his ministry.”

- Craig Groeschel, Senior Pastor –

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