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ryan-oquinn Quotes

“It was such a blessing to host Ryan O’Quinn at our conference!  He was very entertaining and funny, but he also struck a personal cord with our attendees and left them with a thoughtful challenge. It really was perfect! Then afterward he shared dinner with our team and our camp staff volunteers. He is incredibly personable, down to earth, and all around an amiable individual. We definitely hope to work with him again in the future.”

- Henry Dutton, Event Coordinator for LifeWay Kids

“What a witness for God! It’s good to know there are Christians in Hollywood!”

- Debbie Hicks, First Baptist Church of Byram

“You really put the message in my heart and I felt like listening because you are so funny.”

- Bethany Taylor, Ball Ground First Baptist

“I just want to thank you, once again, for speaking Truth to my students.  In today’s culture many people are trying to pass off their lies as truth.  I am grateful to be able to partner in ministry with people who know God and are passionate about sharing Him with others.”

- Drew Swanson, Friendswood UMC

“I’m so thankful that God saw fit for a 60 year old woman to be a part of this. What a blessing and thank you so much for the part you played in our week of extreme praise, worship, Bible study and laughter.  Your work for the Lord and His kingdom is very mighty.”

- Pat Addington, Clarksville, TN

“You guys are so encouraging. It is obvious that God has blessed you with the ability to make people think because you are able to be deep and humorous, too.”

- Chelsea McDill, WUMC

“Our students’ lives have been affected forever. You made them laugh and smile, but more importantly think!”

- Tom Stickney, VRBC Student Ministries

“All of the students latched on to your every word, and it was amazing to see how excited they all were to learn about Christ’s love. Your ministry is undeniable to youth, but it also had an impact on me and the other counselors. It is so encouraging to see the passion you two have for Christ, It shines through both of you constantly.”

- Bailey Westerfield, Beaver Dam Baptist Church Summer Youth Camp

“…many young people expressed the pleasure of meeting with Ryan and Chris throughout the day. Being real with people helped prevent a god-like stature that seems to emanate from the region and industry they represent. I believe them to be humble, and very gifted servants of the Most High God.”

- Ken Knight, Montana Assoc of Churches of God

Team WordPlay got, and kept, our attention with humor and poignant biblical messages. Ryan’s sermons were appropriate, biblical and were presented with the love of a true brother. God is good and He has truly gifted these men.

- Ken Knight, Montana Association of Churches of God

“Humor has long been the strongest bridge to the heart. In a time when people are so spiritually jaded, Ryan has perfected the rare art of connecting to the soul through side-splitting, hysterical perspective, all the while making Truth come alive. Most use comedy as an attractive side note. Ryan is the perfect choice to be the primary voice for your next event.”

- Stuart Hall, Communicator, Co-Author / The Seven Checkpoints & MAX Q

“I’ve worked with funny people my entire career and I know funny. As a father of three I also know parenting and I can tell you that the rules in Ryan’s book are hysterically funny and 100% true!”

- Dean Holland – Exec Producer/Director “Parks and Recreation”, “The Office”, “Brooklyn 99”

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