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steve-silver Quotes

“Steve Silver offers a guided tour for the reader on how to have a more fulfilling, purposeful, mission-oriented retirement. In God’s kingdom, our work is never truly done. Steve captures the excitement and anticipation of using one’s golden years to reach others with the love of Christ. I highly recommend this book for those in or nearing retirement.”

- Ralph Reed, Author & Political Strategist

“One thing has certainly been true in my life—the moments where I’ve learned the MOST, are in times when I’m the LEAST comfortable. Steve pushes you past your comfort zone, but what follows is a deeper level of learning, appreciation, and loving. I’m so glad that I decided to buckle up and take this ride.”

- Mike Whan, LPGA Commissioner

“A man spends a lifetime crafting a career. A time comes when he no longer has that charge. What next? Relax or Renew for God? New Man Journey is all about that second option. Steve Silver has written an amazing book which carefully guides the reader to the threshold of his New Man in Christ. Are you ready for that challenge? If so, strap in. Read this book. Your life is about to change.”

- Josh McDowell – Author & Speaker

“At 60 years of age now, I know that one of the most challenging and rewarding parts of life is keeping an eternal perspective while pursuing your dreams. Steve understands the importance of keeping your focus on God and how that becomes the true measure of ultimate success.”

- Rick Scott, Governor of Florida

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