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Reflections at Washington DC National Mall – Eric Samuel Timm

Posted 7th, August 2015 in News by

I havEST_DC Mall 2015e been a lot of places and preached in a lot of spaces.
I see people of different colors, creeds and races.
All the while I have seen much in the way of needs.
Requests made best by an infilling of a hole in the heart.
For this place I make my art.
You see, I’ve seen people pray with or without beads and now I’m about to preach at this mall.
This thought arrested me:
God comes alongside us all.
He doesn’t see the differences on the surfaces,
No, He sees His Son who holds it all.
So that is what I declare at this mall,
“That Jesus Changes Everything, this is the Reset”
This is what I’ll pray when my vision of us is small
Jesus, help U.S. stand tall.