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What It Takes to be a Christian Speaker or Christian Artist With Us

Posted 8th, November 2017 in Evangelism, News by

Our Vetting Process

It’s not easy to become a Christian speaker or Christian artist with Reach Your City. All of our Christian speakers and Christian artists are filtered through a very selective process to ensure they are qualified to be represented by Reach Your City. We have reviewed over 1,000 Christian speakers and Christian artists over the years and currently as of this post, only about 27 have made the cut. Here are just a few of the criteria we use:

  1. Is the person solid theologicially?
  2. Are they exceptionally gifted in the top 3% based on their talent.
  3. Do they have the ability to communicate a clear Gospel message.
  4. Do they have referrals and recommendations
  5. What are they like in a live setting (we view them firsthand).
  6. Are they truly unique in message, talent, or skillset?
  7. Do they love the Church or are they only focused on their own career?
  8. Will church leaders want to bring them back year after year?

Notice that we do not ask how many dates they do, are they famous, or what their income was last year. It’s not about that. We’re looking for quality that provides the Church with what they need.  Our more than eight years of experience and solid track record is why church leaders trust us.

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