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Worship City Ministries Announces New Partnership with SaveOne

Posted 8th, August 2017 in News by

Jeff Deyo and Worship City Ministries are proud to announce a new partnership with SaveOne to make Moving Mountains the new SaveOne theme song

SaveOne is a powerful ministry who’s mission is to reach men and women who are suffering in silence after an abortion. With over 55 million abortions being performed in the USA in the last half century, there are many untold stories full of untold grief, guilt, and shame that are being turned around with the help of SaveOne.

“SaveOne is doing incredible ministry touching so many, and I am so honored to be sharing this song, along with my two amazing co-writers, Sarah Reeves and Jonathan Lee, to help move mountains for those who are hurting because of the tragedy of abortion” Deyo offered

Here are some of the lyrics from “Moving Mountains” found on Deyo’s 2012 worship album with the same title:

I see a mountain
Standing in the way
A mountain of failure
A mountain of shame

There is an ocean
Drowning me in fear
An ocean of worry
An ocean of tears

But I know you have taken me this far
So I’ll rise and I’ll sing of who you are

You alone have the nations in your hands
And you alone are moving mountains in these lands
And you alone know the secrets I have saved
And the dreams that I have chased
And you alone, you are worthy of my praise

When you download Moving Mountains for $.99 from the SaveOne website (, every penny goes to SaveOne to help them do the work God has called them to do. You are invited to join today in this Kingdom effort.

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