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321 Improv Made Videos with Micah Tyler and We’re Laughing So Hard

Jul 25, 2019 | Adult, Artists/Entertainers, Blog, College, Comedy, Events, Family, Musicians, Outreach, Outreach, Youth

Christian music artist, Micah Tyler (Different, Even Then, Never Been a Moment) is getting ready to tour with 321 Improv. The concept is very different. So much so, it’s called A Different Kind of Night Tour.

Many people were confused at what it would be like to mix a music artist like Tyler with a comedy team like 321. So the guys decided they should go into the studios and try to make a few videos to explain things. The key word is “try.”

The end result is hilarious. We can’t stop laughing!

We dare you not to laugh at these videos…

Micah’s First Choice
Micah Tyler Thinks He Can Do Improv
Micah Tyler realizes he may have booked the wrong opener…
Micah Tyler’s takes a call

What Does It Take to Host 321 Improv?

Hosting 321 is about as easy as it comes. These three guys do not expect special M&Ms or super expensive sound production. They just expect to have a great time making people laugh. Save your money on expensive concerts and give people something they’ll enjoy ten times more. Send a request for them to come to your city at ReachYourCity.com/Booking

Or even better, try to catch them with Micah Tyler on A Different Kind of Night Tour!

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