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5 Tips for Hosting a Church Comedy Night

Jun 2, 2019 | Adult, Blog, Comedy, Events, Family

Gresham Hill

Our ministry has put together thousands of events including numerous comedy nights involving Michael Jr., Jonnie W., 321 Improv, Marty Simpson, and other well respected Christian comedians. Bringing your church family together for a night of laughter builds community and creates an opportunity to invite friends and grow your church.  Here are five ways to ensure you have a successful and fun night of comedy.

Jaron Myers keeps everyone laughing at a Church Comedy Night
Comedian Jaron Myers

5 Ways to Ensure a Successful & Fun Night of Comedy

  1.  Play a short, 2-minute or less video clip on Sunday morning and have your senior pastor encourage members to invite friends & family.
  2. Ask local businesses to sponsor. A Christian-owned business will often give $1 to $5 per person in attendance if their name can be mentioned from stage or a banner or slide shown.
  3.  Select a wonderful ministry that your church already supports and raise money or awareness for it that evening. We’ve seen churches raise thousands for missions, homelessness, and even a new building in just one night.
  4.  Choose the right comedian(s). Yes, there are horror stories of unfunny or crass comedians getting on stage at a church. Don’t risk that. Find a comedian that is respected, has lots of great reviews, and has a history of performing for large audiences.  
  5. Make it an annual event. Most churches do not have a strategy for how to grow their attendance.  One smart way is to create outreach events that grow every year. Even if you’re not sure yet, plan for your Church Comedy Night to become an annual event.

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