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I am Not a Speaker

Oct 3, 2018 | Blog, Events, Leadership, Youth

Chip Dean

I am not a speaker, though when I’m not preaching at my home church in Virginia, I am often called by churches to come in and speak. I say that I’m not a speaker because my heart is to be a pastor and for me, there’s a big difference.

Just this summer, I experienced the best student camp I have ever been a part of. It was like a page straight out of the book of Acts. The Holy Spirit brought salvation to hard-hearts. He empowered wide-spread public confession of sin. He moved 85 students (and some leaders) to be baptized in one night. In my 15 years of pastoring student ministries, it was the most incredible week I have ever experienced. This student camp was at my church and in my student ministry. I want to see God’s movement across the country like its happening in my own church! 

I am not a Speaker, I am a Pastor.

My heart, my passion, my calling is not just to do ministry, but to lead a movement of student ministries who follow Jesus wholeheartedly through the Gospel. I am a student pastor in the trenches, in the schools, and in the culture. God has blessed me with experience and exposure that I’m so grateful for.

  • I was both Middle School and High School Pastor at FBC Woodstock.
  • I have trained Student Pastors through NAMB.
  • I have trained future Student Pastors through Liberty University.
  • I am an annual keynote speaker at Teens for Christ’s Converge Conference.
  • I am an annual speaker at the ERLC National Conference.
  • I have preached dozens Summer Camps and DNOWs to thousands of students.
  • I have preached to several different countries.
  • I have lead Student Ministries in several states including Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.

What I have learned from all of my experience is this:

Teenagers don’t want to give their lives to a WHAT but to a WHO. Teenagers are wanting and waiting to give their lives to the person that makes the most sense of their lives. This is why they give theirselves away in friendships, relationships, squads, teams, groups, clubs, and gangs. It’s not about the WHAT for them, its all about the WHO.

My heart, my passion, and my calling is to show them that Jesus is the WHO that makes total sense of their lives, their existence, and their purpose!

For the rest of my life, I want to be a part of the movement of the Holy Spirit across the United States and the world to see teenagers give and live their life for Jesus, make a difference for Him, live on mission with the Gospel. I am not just a Student Speaker. I’m a Student Pastor, just like you.

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