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Living Letters

The Bible Alive in Front of You

What do we lose when we read Scripture through 21st-century eyes? What do we miss? What do we fail to understand?

Nearly two thousand years separate us from the cultural and historical contexts of the biblical text. What we’ve lost is the ability to experience Scripture in the powerful way its first readers and hearers experienced it—as a living word spoken directly to particular communities with particular struggles, questions, fears, and hopes.

With Living Letters, Broadway actors Juliette and Stephen Trafton present dynamic, interactive performances that enable churches to enter imaginatively into the drama of Scripture, providing a powerful new way to understand, experience, and live out the Word of God.

Stephen Trafton: Stephen’s Broadway credits include Les Misérables (Original Revival Cast) and the National Tour of The Phantom of the Opera. He has performed at many regional theatres across the country playing leading roles in shows such as Oklahoma!, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Bye Bye Birdie, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Romeo & Juliet, Beauty and the Beast, and many others. He received his training at Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea, OH. He is the West Side Youth Director at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC, where he served under the leadership of Dr. Tim Keller. Previously, he worked with Max McLean at Fellowship for the Performing Arts. He performs Living Letters (Philippians, Ephesians, Colossians, Jonah, and Acts 13) at venues across the country. Currently, he lives in Astoria, NY, with his wife, Juliette, and their two children.

Juliette Traffton: Juliette starred as Luisa in the longest running musical in the world, The Fantasticks, directed by Tom Jones in New York City.  Before that, she performed the role of Christine Daae in the National Tour of The Phantom of the Opera, and, regionally, in leading and featured roles in Guys and DollsInto the WoodsJane EyrePeter Pan, and Kiss Me, Kate. As a commercial artist you can follow her work on national television.  A lover of improv, Juliette recently completed her studies at the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC. She loves nothing more than performing with her husband, Stephen, and the two recently performed in concert with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra.  Their finest productions yet are their two little ones, Tadd and Audra.

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what our friends say …

"The impact it had on our church body was significant as it took Paul’s epistle to the Philippians to a completely different level than a sermon or even personal study. Using his amazing talent as a Broadway actor, Stephen Trafton plucks the listener from his seat and drops him into the church body of first century Philippi! He then draws the listener into the rich depth and breadth of Paul’s beloved epistle. This event is a must see for every church body. Living Letters brings a whole new dimension to God’s 'living word.’."

Salvatore Ippolito

Pastor, Director at Rumney Bible Conference

"I’ve seen many (MANY) shows . . . Broadway / Off-Broadway / BAM / West End / Edinburgh / Regional stuff in San Diego, L.A. . . . and it is not an exaggeration to say that I was more profoundly moved by what you did on Sunday night than anything I’ve ever seen. You took the words of the Divine Dramatist and brought them to life by the power of his Holy Spirit in a way that has me tearing up even as I write this note."

Joel Treick

Pastor at Pinewoods Presbyterian Church, FL

“The power of the background in which Juliette Trafton deftly places the book of Ruth plus her exceptional performance skills result in not just hearing the story, but feeling it, experiencing it, living it. I unreservedly recommend Juliette’s presentation of Ruth!"

Rodney Plunket, PhD

Lead Minister, White Station Church of Christ, Memphis, Tennessee

“Stephen Trafton’s performances of Philippians, Colossians, and Ephesians drew me and my church into those letters in a way that’s unmatched. Paul is heard. His heart and mind are felt. An audience is moved. God’s Word lives!”

Rodney Plunket, PhD

Lead Minister, White Station Church of Christ, Memphis, Tennessee

"What a privilege to experience the Living Letters through the incredible gifts of Stephen Trafton. His engaging, and flawless presentations of both Colossians and Philippians are mesmerizing encounters with Scripture. Northland Church is extremely grateful for his unique delivery of God’s Word."

Dr. Joel Hunter

Senior Pastor, Northland Church, Orlando, FL

“Experiencing Juliette’s performance of Ruth I was struck by one thought, the God of the Bible works mightily through women. He did then, He does now. You experience Him in her performance. She isn’t acting.”

David Plant

Assistant Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church Downtown, NYC

“We had the honor of hosting the debut of Encountering Colossians. It was tremendous! It was fascinating to see the ‘wise preacher’ in Colossae and Paul go head to head. Stephen does a masterful job of bringing Paul’s letters to life. He makes you feel like you are part of the first century house churches where they first were read. Experiencing Living Letters helps you hear Scripture in a fresh new way.”

Kurt Jensen

Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran, Story City, IA