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The churches who reach the most people with the Gospel during the Easter season are the ones who plan ahead for activities for their community before and after the event. We are passionate about helping churches grow during this time and we recommend a 3-event strategy to make this Easter your best ever.

3-Event Easter Strategy

This strategy is simple and is based on the following two presupposition: 

  1. Non-church goers in your city who are going to attend your Easter services are those that have been impacted by your congregation in the last month and have been on your church property in the last year.  
  2. Non-church goers in your city who will continue to attend your church after Easter must have more than one personal connection with your church and more than one invite back within two weeks after your Easter service.

So here are ideas for implementing an effective 3-Event Strategy at your church.  Please call us if you have any questions about these:

Acts 3 Man Show
Easter Drama: Acts 3 Man Show


  • Easter Egg Hunt on Church Property
  • Easter Dramatization – See Acts The 3 Man Show
  • Men’s Conference with guest speakers or artists
  • Maundy Thursday Service with guest speaker
  • Good Friday Service with guest speaker or music artist


  • Special speaker, artist, comedian, in Sunday service. – See Our Roster for ideas.
  • Special Children & Families Sunday School Event – Suggested ideas: Inflatable Stories, Slugs and Bugs or Matt Adams
  • Flowers for the Cross – Set up a cross to decorate with flowers on the front lawn


This is not an exhaustive list.  What does your church do that works well?  Let us know so we can share it with others.  Email Us your ideas to Ideas@ReachYourCity.com

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