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Brice Harney


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Brice Harney


Brice Harney’s illusion experience is as vast as the state in which he resides. The Dallas-based illusionist began his journey on a 4 year international tour with one of the college circuit’s most sought after shows.

Since then, Harney embarked on a solo career creating experiences for some of the most recognizable organizations and churches in the U.S. and appearing on international television showcasing his expertise in the art.

Drawing from his experience headlining Cru’s most effective entertainment-based outreach, Brice created GAME — a touring illusion show that explores what it means to “play” the game we call life.

GAME weaves in a message of purpose and direction, while garnering audience participation in wildly entertaining feats. Awe and laughter pave the way for Brice to boldly witness through his own personal story.

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what our friends say …

"As an illusionist, Brice seized his unique platform to explore what is fake and what is real-both on and off the stage. As Brice opened up about his own life challenges, he was able to guide students toward the reality of a relationship with God found in Christ!”

Barry Bowling

Team Leader, Cru

“I was up out of my seat, several times… You’ve got to bring this show in! It was an amazing show. I would have sat through another 3 hours of this! It was phenomenal.”

Reggie Hill

Associate Pastor, Grand Rapids First – Grand Rapids, MI

“The best late-night event we’ve ever had!”

Kyle Embry

Youth Alive – North Texas