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Jaron Myers

Speaker and Christian Comedian

You’re not imagining things. Yes, Christian comedian Jaron Myers does look familiar. You may be one of the 60 Million people who have seen him on Amazon Prime or watched his hilarious videos. Does the “My Pleasure” Chick-fil-A video ring a bell? Jaron entertains over 100,000 online followers. He has been featured by national media outlets such as Buzzfeed, College Humor, Newsweek, Bored Panda, and more. Yet, despite his huge following, his heart is to embrace those that are inside and outside the Church. His hope is to share the love of Jesus through his journey of faith while providing laughter at live events around the country.

Since 2014, he has traveled all over the country performing for groups large and small. He is most often asked to perform for Date Nights, Volunteer Appreciation Events, Fundraisers, Conferences, or High School or College events. Jaron is always able to entertain everyone in the room, young and old. Jaron’s show is high energy and full of hilarious stories that draw the audience in. His humor and inspiration messages break down walls and make room for an authentic, vulnerable conversation about Jesus.

“I’m not a typical Christian comedian,”

Jaron explains, “my show as well as my social media is designed to be funny and engaging for a believer and a non-believer. My hope is that my show can be a bridge-building opportunity for a church to welcome in their community to laugh hard and hear a message of hope.”

Jaron understands the local church and speaks from experience. He served on a staff at a large evangelical church in Springfield, Missouri, for five years.  He knows the needs of the church and how to effectively communicate a Gospel message when asked. “As I was creating messages for students week in and week out for years, I began to realize I had a special gift of both comedy and communication. It is exciting to know that I can use this gift to help churches reach out to and love the unchurched.”

 Jaron currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri, where he spends his days sitting at Starbucks, photoshopping new content, making podcasts and listening to people share their pyramid schemes at the table behind him.

Jaron joins other very funny people on the Reach Your City comedy roster including Christian comedian Marty Simpson and 321 Improv.

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what our friends say …

"I couldn't be happier with Jaron's presence at Horizon. To be honest, before he came I had my doubts about how he would do in the setting, but they were laid to rest right out of the gate with his humble attitude and willingness to announce whatever we needed with a creative spin. Jaron set and established an amazing tone and culture for the first-year festival: we are fun, Gospel-minded and family-friendly among other things. He was always early for call-time and on-time for each entrance, had his content studied and was very flexible when weather started wreaking havoc on our schedule for Sunday. Funny thing, he kept the Artists entertained in the tent during the 2 lightning delays while we executed our Artist/Audience safety protocol. I think the biggest thing I saw, though, was that Jaron kept people engaged when the musicians left the stage. He was masterfully able to gather peoples' attention, then hand that attention over to the Gospel presenters that were scheduled during transitions. It was with this attention to these presenters that we hope many heard and responded to the Gospel and/or took their next step in their journey with Christ. Jaron set that up. So thankful."

Ken Boehr

Festival Manager – Horizon Music Festival

“Jaron was a total delight! My entire staff and I so enjoyed getting to meet him. He is so easy going and such a consummate professional. Not to mention he is hilarious! I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.”

Kate Taylor

Events LLC

"Our event with Jaron Myers was a huge success. People loved Jaron's humor and found him authentic and engaging. I know I haven't laughed that hard in a long time."

Rene Minder

Executive Minister – Cheyenne Hills Church

“Let’s just say Jaron was a huge hit. He was such a down to earth guy who was incredibly friendly to work with. He definitely was an exceeded expectations in my book. The crowd loved him and I am still getting so many compliments on the evening. His interactions with the crowd were amazing. We will definitely be looking to host an event again and the wheels are turning on how to make it happen.”

Kelli Wolken

Principal – Saint Rose Catholic Elementary School

“Jaron was SENSATIONAL! His performance was A++. Jaron is in a league of his own. Jaron took the time to make our event personable. He took time to learn about our town, church, and event and incorporated that into his comedy. After the show, what impressed me the most about Jaron was he took the time to talk to anyone who wanted to chat with him. He stayed well after the event was over. Jaron took our event over the Top!”

Joshua Koehler

Children’s Pastor – Mission Kids and Mission Bible Church

“We absolutely loved having Jaron for our Valentines Banquet. He was so easy to work with & fit right in with us. I think he enjoyed it too. Thank you again - so much - for working with us. Everyone was great.”

Dianna Morris

VCU Church

“Our students loved Jaron and said it was one of the highlights of the week. Jaron had us laughing from the moment he stepped on stage. He interacted so well with the audience that it didn’t feel like a show. It’s like he’s in your home surrounded by friends and once the laughter started, it quickly became uncontrollable. Jaron’s humorous observations on life were spot on and his self-deprecating humor enabled our students to really identify with him. We want him back next year!”

Matt Stafford

Worship and Creative Arts Director – Ozark Christian College

"Jaron was AMAZING! He was engaging, very professional, had an outstanding message, and most importantly he was HILARIOUS! He superseded expectations for the event and EVERYONE could not stop talking about how funny he was. Jaron was not only professional and SUPER easy to work with but his comedy and engagement had our students and audience not wanting to leave. Literally the best I’ve ever worked with and I have worked with tons of various artist and entertainers. We will definitely have him coming to do more shows!”

Josh Wold

Director of Youth Ministries – Immanuel Belvidere

"It was a beautiful night and Jaron set the tone. He was first up to speak really, then MC'd the evening, glorifying God in every way. Couldn't have asked for a better MC. Look forward to working with Jaron in the future."

Jeff Hord

Beauty for Ashes

"Jaron was great! Everyone enjoyed him so much, he was a perfect fit for our event and gave it 100%. We are so grateful to have connected with Jaron."

Debbie Stiegler

KC Singles Initiative