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Jim Munroe

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Jim Munroe is an author, speaker, and skeptic. After a promising career in baseball ended in disappointment and confusion with a blown shoulder at the University of Texas, Munroe turned his mind towards investigating various philosophies and beliefs. Despite significant doubt at the time in the idea of a god, Munroe absorbed and tested Christianity as he searched for meaning. This investigation into the unknown and the supernatural also manifested itself in another pursuit: Magic.

Munroe loved magic. It blended perfectly with his belief that God was just a bunch of smoke and mirrors. That behind every religious curtain was a lie. However, the further he investigated Jesus, the more convinced he became that Truth existed in Him. And just as his magic career was taking off, Munroe found himself accepting Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.

By 2009, Munroe had become one of the most sought after magicians in the world; touring to hundreds of cities and seeing sold out concert halls and theaters at almost every venue. It was at this time, his journey took an unexpected turn. His life was flipped upside down by a devastating diagnosis that gave him only a few months to live: Leukemia.

“Where do you turn when you have nothing but God to turn to?” Jim asks to the crowds to whom he now speaks. “There’s something about facing death square in the eyes that changes your perspective.” See more of Jim’s unbelievable story of survival here.

Today, Jim Munroe is the author of “The Charlatan” and a sought after speaker at conferences and events around the world. When he is not speaking or writing, he leads a theatrical production company called M?ZE which performs throughout the world. He is a member of Gateway Church and lives with his wife and two children just outside Dallas, TX.

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what our friends say …

“The most innovative evangelistic tool to reach students in America… bold and unique…”

Tom Lane

Executive Senior Pastor, Gateway Church

“I believe M?ZE is a forerunner for the next generation of evangelism. They will blow you away!”

Jim McCartney

Promise Keepers Founder

“{My} favorite part of the night was probably how his (Munroe’s) story related to Jesus’ story. I’ve been a believer for a while now, but if I wasn’t, this would’ve made me believe.”

Kylie Eicleberry

College Student

“Absolutely the best! Most inspirational show I’ve ever seen. Jim's story and talent is beyond astonishing.”


University of California Student

“Awesome and Powerful. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Josh Hamilton

Major League Baseball Outfielder, Texas Rangers

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