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Matt Adams

Christian Illusionist

As a Christian Illusionist, Matt Adams travels the world using storytelling and illusion arts to share the truth of the gospel found in Jesus Christ. 

With a strong passion for ministry, Matt helps connect churches with their local communities and helps connect those communities to Jesus. He does this through his unique blend of family-friendly magic and story-telling, expertly simplifying spiritual truths for adults and children alike. Countless pastors have said of Matt’s show, “It’s the clearest gospel presentation I’ve ever heard!”

Based in the southeastern USA, Matt has performed on every habitable continent including amazing places like Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Thailand, England, Kenya, Uganda, and the Dominican Republic! He has performed his family-appropriate magic for people from all walks of life from young children to celebrities, top executives and CEOs.

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what our friends say …

"Matt gave the clearest presentation of I’ve ever heard and the show was fantastic! I’ve already called our youth director so we can book him again. "

Bill Mason

Senior Pastor, Morris Hill

"We’ve bopped things before in our former church, and I’ve been part of the band scene for a long time. It’s refreshing to meet Christian entertainers who act like Christians. No ego, humble, accommodating, ministry minded, etc. Thank you for helping us have such a successful event with eternal impact. Matt blew our minds! I will be recommending him to everyone! "

Patrick Franklin

Senior Pastor, Lifeline Church

"Matt did an effective job recently at our children’s camp using illusions as his platform to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has great rapport with the students and his feats were done in a professional way. We look forward to having him again. "

Dave Sekura

Director, Fort Bluff Camp

"Matt Adams has the ability to “WOW” a crowd with his captivating magic and engaging stage presence. We Invited Matt to be a part of a series called “Illusions” at Redstone Church, and we’re so glad that we did. His magic alone is worth the invite, but his professionalism behind the scenes added to our experience. Invite Matt to play a role at your event and it will become a memorable experience! We’re glad we made the call."

Jared Smith

Service Programming Director, Redstone Church