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Many churches are not sure how to effectively reach Millennials and yet studies show that this generation is essential to the future growth of our churches. M?ZE has been reaching them successfully all over the world since 2005, attracting the attention of thousands of churches and evangelistic organizations like The Billy Graham Association, Luis Palau, Campus Crusade for Christ, Chi Alpha, FCA, and more. The expertise of M?ZE combined with Reach Your City creates more than just an extraordinary event in your city but an evangelistic strategy that reaches a people group that is no longer darkening the door of a church.

M?ZE is made up of a unique mystery performance piece with powerful pre-event and post-event followup materials. The show, performed by Brice Harney, targets 18-35 year olds. Churches can host one or both. M?ZE can fly to any location in the world to perform but we recommend that church & campus leaders in North America ask about their annual tours which also includes additional stage production and iMag at no extra charge.  These tours target specific areas of the U.S. and southern Canada each year.

M?ZE is not only an outstanding evangelistic strategy but it is also a high quality entertainment performance that will leave you with a new perspective on reality.

Magician Jim Munroe founded M?ZE at the turn of the century. M?ZE now includes magicians Brice Harney, Stewart True, and Jacob Demman.

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what our friends say …

"We haven't had an audience of that size (est. 600) for a Foust event in many years...[Brice's] interaction with the students was fantastic. He is a natural at it. It was fun, exciting, and mysterious. The students ate it up. The illusions were astounding and Brice's presentation was polished and professional in every way. Brice absolutely has a stage presence equal to any magician I've seen. He is first rate in every way."

Sonny Burnett

Director, Faust Artist Series

“The show was impressive and everyone enjoyed it. Brice is a good communicator and engaging. His street magic really helped drum up some excitement."

Christie Smith

Cru Staff – University of Alabama

“The event was fantastic. Accomplished our goal of kicking off our school year ministry season. Brice and Stew were perfect to work with and overall just a super positive experience. Most importantly, 17 students responded to the opportunity to receive the Gospel and Jesus.”

Matt Holmes

Next Gen Ministry Director – Sunnybrook Community Church

“It was better than anticipated!! You were so good bro. We appreciate you.”

Chad Johnson

Student Pastor – Friendly Baptis Church

“Brice captured our students attention the entire show and gave a clear presentation of the Gospel message. Our students loved the show and said it exceeded their expectations! I would definitely recommend MAZE to anyone looking for a quality show that engages and wows the audience while presenting a clear gospel message.”

John Malstedt

Student Pastor – Northbrook Church

“Maze magic did a great job providing an interactive and entertaining show that challenged students to turn to Christ wholeheartedly! As an illusionist, Brice seized his unique platform to explore what is fake and what is real - both on and off the stage. As Brice opened up about his own life challenges, he was able to guide students toward the reality of a relationship with God found in Christ!”

Barry Bowling

Team Leader, Cru Houston

"Having the M?ZE one week into classes starting was one of the best ways to kick the year off. We had dozens of students buy in and help coordinate and pull the event off. Students that had been around for several semesters just as fringe students began to take ownership of promo or prayer. Students that had only been to one or two Cru events prior to the M?ZE jumped in and began to help. Lots of students were eager to follow up with those that indicated a decision. Our Cru meeting the week after the M?ZE (we've only had one so far) had several new faces, many of those who said they trusted Christ at the event and we've followed up with."

Jeremy Bollens

Director, Cru at Texas Tech

“People respond to great content if they hear it in a new and creative way. Jim has crafted an approach that combines his expertise in magic with narratives for us all. He brings biblical insight and challenges in a hugely entertaining way. I love his shows!”

John Townsend, PhD

New York Times Best-Selling Author of “Boundaries”, psychologist and founder of the Townsend Institute of Leadership and Counseling

"The skill and message that my brother Jim uses in sharing his gift is second to none. Magician really isn't the word for what he is. He's a "spiritualician"-using illusion and slight of hand to bring people into a fresh revelation of who God is."

John Gray

Speaker, Author and Host of Oprah Winfrey’s “Book of John Gray”

“Jim Munroe and the MAZE were everything we hoped for when we decided to bring a large-scale event to our tournament and campus.Their crew was professional, organized, and very helpful in getting the word out about the event.Our kids loved the street magic and the show definitely lived up to the hype!”

Jay Gifford

Dodge City High School

“I’m aware you guys do this all the time. It’s your job. But we can’t possibly express our gratitude for your ministry and for doing things that are maybe seen as unconventional in order to win the lost. Not only that but you handle it with excellence. All of your materials, organization, and communication is amazing. God bless you guys and everything you set your hands to.”

Jake Lazar

World Harvest Church

“The {M?ZE} show was powerful. Students were buzzing about it all week and I’m sure it will continue to have a ripple effect through our movement and our campus!…Thank you so much for partnering with us on this event. It was a joy for me and the team to have {M?ZE} at UMD”

Caela Carlson

Maryland CRU Campus Field Staff

“The most innovative evangelistic tool to reach students in America… bold and unique…”

Tom Lane

Executive Senior Pastor, Gateway Church

"M?ZE has a unique way of reaching people that I fully applaud. Jim’s passion and creativity are inspiring!"

Kevin Palau

President, Luis Palau Association

“I believe M?ZE is a forerunner for the next generation of evangelism. They will blow you away!”

Jim McCartney

Founder, Promise Keepers