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Outcast Moto

Christian Motocross Team, Amazing Stunts, Powerful Message

Freestyle Motocross is one of the most exciting things you can bring to a ministry event. Audiences are left breathless by the stunts they see over 35 feet in the air at these demos. This is sure to draw a crowd to any festival, outreach, church, or other outdoor ministry event. During a break in the performance, a team member shares his testimony and the Gospel with the crowd.

Typically, this set up is done outdoors, however, freestyle motocross can fit in a building that has 50′ high ceilings and at least 250′ of straight-away so the team can pick up speed and brake. Dirt floor arenas, civic centers, parking lots, and other flat areas work well.

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what our friends say …

“We had probably around 800 students here tonight and saw almost 30 students give their life to Christ. A bunch of the community came in…families came in. We had a stranger walk in down the street who works at the Harley shop and his son dirt bikes. They came here for the first time and they’re hopefully going to get connected to the church. It was a really neat show and Outcast Moto did a phenomenal job.”

Nate Dooley

Student Pastor, Long Hollow Baptist Church

“Tonight we had Outcast Moto for our Wednesday night program, it was simply amazing! These guys came out and put on a phenomenal show. You definitely want to have them at your church or any event for that matter.”

Will Moore

High School Pastor