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Rush of Fools

Christian Rock/Contemporary Christian Band

Great stories tend to contain three acts that carry the narrative from start to finish. Ingredients such as a captivating plot, creative characters, a tension-filled conflict, and finally a proper resolution are all integral to the storyline as well. Our story, Act 1, begins after forming in 2005 when we began traveling as a simple worship band and writing songs together. Something that had started out as a hobby quickly expanded into a long-term mission and calling, which led us to record an album of songs in 2007. Shortly thereafter, we started hearing our song Undo on radio stations everywhere. Quickly, our very part-time career evolved into a full national touring schedule right before our eyes.

Act 2: After Undo, we found ourselves with opportunities we never could have imagined. What would follow over the next several years not only makes for a great plot twist to a seemingly valiant story, but also would truly be some of the most difficult years of our lives, both personally and professionally. From losing label deals to loved ones, what had started as a storybook beginning soon began to feel like what could be the harrowing final chapter. There were days where we honestly didn’t know how God would carry us forward and in those times it’s easy to just want to lay the dream down and move on. But over time we experienced years of great favor from God and saw His Kingdom continue to build even when we ourselves felt as if we were in complete chaos and calamity. Through it all, we learned to trust more in His sovereignty, believing that this was the plan, unfolding as He saw fit.

Act 3: For most artists and especially songwriters, it’s during the hard seasons when some of the most hopeful and encouraging songs are born. As a band, we began writing new songs, reflecting the journeys we had recently experienced, and it felt as if we were starting all over again, in an amazing way. We partnered with a new record label (Essential Records) to help us carry these new songs to the world. Now, we feel we are at the beginning of not just a new season, but also a new outlook. We now know, more than ever, that God carried us then, and God will carry us now, which is the title of the new album.

The songs on Carry Us Now illustrate our journey through the seasons of mourning and celebration. Our first single, Held In Your Hands, reveals our hearts when we sing, “I know, Jesus, I can trust You, I know in all things You are good”. It reminds us of the providence of God and how in every walk of life, and through every passing hour, the hand of God is at work. The song Your Will Be Done, which simply cries out, “Lord, don’t delay, come have Your way, my hope is You,” has been a serious prayer for us over the last year, even though we can all admit it’s hard to actually pray those words when you’re in the middle of stress and turmoil. Another song that has been a source of hope for us is Take Me Over which contains lines like, “…come flood the fallow ground, come now and make it beautiful…let it rain down on me…there’s love like an ocean…take me over”. As we travel and hear others’ stories, we find that some people are in a desert place and their prayer is simply for God to flood their life with hope so they can grow and feel alive again. It’s through that hope that we are reminded that we’re victorious and redeemed. Our song, Power In The Blood, celebrates that victory and reminds us that, “There’s power to save, there’s power to heal, power that gives us strength to stand, power to cleanse and redeem, in the precious blood of the Lamb.” It’s this redemption that empowers and encourages us to continue as a band.

Our story isn’t over; it will continue to be molded and shaped. As we look forward, we remember this lyric: “…all our yesterdays and all of our tomorrows are held in Your hands”. We’ve experienced it firsthand. It’s Jesus that carries us, and becomes the Hero of our story. The hands of Jesus that carried the cross to His death are the very hands that carry us now. And that’s the story we live to tell.

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what our friends say …

“Rush of Fools is consistently one of our ministry's favorite bands to work with for many reasons. Obviously they are excellent at their craft and are passionate about engaging people in worship. They are humble, servant-minded, and are always easy to work with. As important as those things are, though, what has continually impressed us over the years has been their faithfulness to the Gospel and their commitment to the local church. We wholeheartedly trust these men and are grateful for their ministry.”

Strength to Stand

"Rush of Fools is more than a band, they are a band of brothers that I love dearly! They are family to me, for they have sat at my table, led at our church, and loved my own kids and my wife, and served my Jesus with every fiber of their being...Oh by the way, they are incredible worship leaders invoking a genuine connectivity to all people in all places and you shouldn’t just consider having them, you gotta find a way to get them to your event as quickly as your calendar and their calendar will allow."

Ed Newton

Lead Pastor, Community Bible Church, San Antonio, TX

"It’s always an incredible privilege to serve alongside Rush of Fools. Their love of Jesus and their passion for the gospel is evident, no matter the setting. I have such a deep level of trust in their leadership in worship."

Curtis Zackery

Teaching Pastor, Church of the City, Franklin, TN

“FUGE Camps has partnered with Rush of Fools for many years to lead worship at camp. They create a corporate worship experience that is full of energy, relevant, and passionate. They meet students where they are and have such a unique way of generating audience participation. They are present off stage too, investing in students at meal time, recreation and hang time. Their love for students, ministry and leading worship is so evident as you spend time with them. Individually, they are strong believers, family guys and just fun to be around.”

Kyle Cravens

FUGE Camps Coordinator, LifeWay Christian Resources

“I’ve known the guys from Rush of Fools off stage for over 10 years. Who they are personally and privately is what makes them such a win for your ministry. The talent, the songs and the moments from the stage are just the icing on the cake. Partner with them to reach people with the Gospel.”

Eric Samuel Timm

Artist, Orator, Author, Visionary

“For over thirty years we have conducted student conferences around the country. Rush of Fools is an incredible resource to have for conferences of any nature. God uses them to capture the hearts of the audience in true, Biblical worship. You need to call them, because the Lord sure did to this ministry!”

Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association