what we do

Talent Booking

Reach Your City has a wide range of well-respected Christian speakers, artists, athletes, and events that are gifted for almost any type of ministry event. We take time to learn about you and your church or ministry organization so we can recommend to you the best people for your event.

Event Management

Events can take hundreds of hours to pull together and often require unique expertise that many church leaders do not have. Reach Your City can manage every aspect of your event from the branding and marketing to running the event so that you are free to focus on your ministry.

Event Production

Reach Your City takes the weight off of churches and organizations who need a partner to help produce their annual events. We can find the talent (even if they are not on our roster), create the stage, bring in the production, and even run your event.


Reach Your City wants to help churches and faith-based organizations grow. We believe that churches and organizations need a clear strategy in order to effectively reach their city with the Gospel. We come in to assist churches and organization with evangelism strategy development, evangelism training, and evangelism implementation.