More Energy, More Productivity, More Intimacy

God has taught me how to make my devotions more about intimacy with Him than information about Him.

Leading From Rest

“What if we were able to lead from a place of rest?”

321 Improv Made Videos with Micah Tyler and We’re Laughing So Hard

Christian music artist, Micah Tyler (Different, Even Then, Never Been a Moment) is getting ready to tour with 321 Improv. The concept is very different. So much so, it's called A Different Kind of Night Tour. Many people were confused at what it would be like to mix a...

What is a Christian Illusionist?

A Christian Illusionist is a magician who has a personal faith in Jesus Christ and incorporates a message about that faith into their live illusory performances and other communications. Most Christian illusionists want to teach their audience about The Bible and...

How Your Worship Band is Killing Your Event

Your worship band is killing your event and you do not even know it. I know people might tell you that who you bring in for worship doesn't matter, but they're wrong. This is a myopic view. Yes, the speaker might matter more in most cases, but worship still matters....

Summer Fun and Christian Entertainment with Outcast Moto

The smell of popcorn, hamburgers, cotton candy, and BBQ fills the air. Music and laughter play over the dissipating murmur of hundreds of conversations as families from all over the city fellowship with each other. Children are playing games, painting faces and...

5 Ways To Ruin Your Church

Some churches are thriving and some churches are dying. We live in an age where pastors are trying everything and anything to grow their church. But church growth is rarely achieved via gimmicks and you can even argue that church growth is not the goal. I grew up in...

5 Tips for Hosting a Church Comedy Night

Our ministry has put together thousands of events including numerous comedy nights involving Michael Jr., Jonnie W., 321 Improv, Marty Simpson, and other well respected Christian comedians. Bringing your church family together for a night of laughter builds community...

I am Not a Speaker

I am not a speaker though when I’m not preaching at my home church in Virginia, I am often called by churches to come in and speak. I say that I’m not a speaker because my heart is to be a pastor and for me, there’s a big difference.

My Jeremy Camp Story

Years ago, I got a call from an author and speaker friend of mine named Doug Herman. I was developing a church conference with Doug and he had just heard the testimony from a budding new music artist named Jeremy Camp.