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Summer Fun and Christian Entertainment with Outcast Moto

Jul 1, 2019 | Blog, Children, Events, Family, Outreach, Outreach, Uncategorized, Youth

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The smell of popcorn, hamburgers, cotton candy, and BBQ fills the air. Music and laughter play over the dissipating murmur of hundreds of conversations as families from all over the city fellowship with each other. Children are playing games, painting faces and bouncing on massive inflatable structures while the adults play horseshoes and corn hole. Tonight was this church’s big, Christian entertainment event of the year that no one wanted to miss.

Everyone is having a blast from the really young to the really old. Unlike most Christian entertainment events, no one wants to leave early. That’s because what they’re really waiting for is just a few feet away in the church parking lot. Two huge ramps have been sitting there all afternoon. Everyone has been talking about it since it was announced a few months ago and now, the buzz is growing. There are even families showing up that no one has ever seen at the church before.

Watch the Outcast Moto Promo

Outcast Moto Promo Video

This is a typical summer night for Outcast Moto. Performing for VBS, camps, festivals and churches throughout the summer and into the fall as school kickoffs begin. Churches love it because the setup is simple. They bring all the ramps and look for 250 feet of flat dirt or pavement to perform on. During the winter and spring, this is often at malls and in school parking lots but in the summer and fall, churches become the preferred location. What’s exciting about this event is that it’s truly unique. Some cities have a fireworks show while some do a concert. However, literally no one has brought in high flying arial acrobatics on motorcycles! This is a big deal.

Christian Entertainment and Ministry Combined

The ministry of Outcast Moto is ultimately to share the Gospel with the audience. The group often tours with Outcast BMX or the Chaos on Wheels tour which features skateboarders, BBQ and bands. Either way, it’s guaranteed to be an unforgettable night.

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