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Jaron Myers

Speaker and Comedian

You’re not imagining things. Yes, Jaron Myers does look familiar. You may be one of the 60 Million people who have seen him on Amazon Prime or watched his hilarious videos such as the “My Pleasure” Chick-fil-A video. Jaron has quickly gained over 100,000 online followers and has been featured by national media outlets such as Buzzfeed, College Humor, Newsweek, Bored Panda, and more! Yet, despite his huge online following, his heart is to embrace those that are inside and outside the Church to share the love of Jesus through laughter at live events around the country.

Since 2014, he has traveled all over the country performing for groups large and small. Whether it’s a Comedy Night, Volunteer Appreciation Event, Fundraiser, Pastor’s Conference, or a High School or College event, Jaron is always able to entertain everyone in the room, young and old. Jaron’s show is high energy and full of hilarious stories that draw the audience in, break down walls, and make room for an authentic, vulnerable conversation about Jesus.

“I’m not a typical Christian comedian,” Jaron explains, “my show as well as my social media is designed to be funny and engaging for a believer and a non-believer. My hope is that my show can be a bridge-building opportunity for a church to welcome in their community to laugh hard and hear a message of hope.”

Jaron understands the local church and speaks from experience, having served on a staff at a large evangelical church in Springfield, Missouri, for five years.  He knows the needs of the church and how to effectively communicate a Gospel message when asked. “As I was creating messages for students week in and week out for years, I began to realize I had a special gift of both comedy and communication. It is exciting to know that I can use this gift to help churches reach out to and love the unchurched.”

 Jaron currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri, where he spends his days sitting at Starbucks, photoshopping new content, making podcasts and listening to people share their pyramid schemes at the table behind him.

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