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Curtis Zackery

Motivational Speaker, Author 

CZ (Curtis Zackery) combines a passion for communication with a desire to see lives changed for Jesus Christ. With his energetic stage presence and charismatic persona, he spreads truth to audiences all across the world. His God-given ability to connect with people of all ages, races and backgrounds sets him apart from the average speaker. CZ is committed to sharing the love of the Bible and hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

CZ graduated from Liberty University and continued his schooling at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mill Valley, CA. He worked as the program director at Kids Across America before taking on a pastoral role at a church in Franklin, TN. Curtis and his wife Monique are currently living in Franklin, TN.

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what our friends say …

"There is something to be said about consistency. It builds trusting friendships held together by respect. For the last 14 years I’ve known CZ and this is what and who he’s been. Not only does he have an amazing gift for communicating, he is a true man seeking God’s heart."

Anthony Evans

Christian Artist, Musician, and Songwriter

"CZ is one of the most passionate and anointed speakers I have heard!"


Christian Recording Artist

"CZ consistently delivers lyrical pictures that challenge all humankind; from the cities to the suburbs, from the believing body to a non-believing world. One earnest listen, and you might just feel the need to step up your game."

Toby Mac

Christian Hip Hop Recording Artist

"I’m grateful for men like Curtis (CZ) who are making disciples in places that are hard to reach. He is taking a strong stand on the Word of God in cities that need it."

Francis Chan


"CZ is an effective minister of the gospel, skillfully holding the attention of diverse crowds either through his music or speaking. His handle on the Word is solid and his lifestyle is indicative of the Christ he serves."

Chris Williamson

Pastor, Strong Tower Bible Church

“CZ is not only a dynamic speaker, but he just flat out loves people. He gives himself to whatever is in front of him at the moment, and the desire he has to know Jesus more, and for others to know him just bleeds over in his life.”

Jefferson Bethke