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Dr. Dan Bellamy & Inflatable Stories

Dr. Dan Bellamy is a speaker, artist, author, and master storyteller.

After many years in local church ministry, Dan Bellamy is now touring the US captivating young audiences through his unique ability to tell stories of hope that point children to Jesus using amazing balloon sculptures. Dan is the best inflatable story teller you will experience.

Dan knew at a young age that God had called him into ministry. He didn’t know God would take his favorite hobby and turn it into a powerful platform for reaching kids with God’s love through the ministry of Inflatable Stories.

With an earned Doctor of Ministry, Dan has served as a college minister, camp staffer, and full-time youth pastor. However, in recent years he sensed God asking him to change direction. Finally, God gave Dan a very clear confirmation through an unlikely event: a balloon sculpture convention.

Dan’s passion for Christ began as a child, and his fondness for balloon sculpture followed closely behind when he was introduced to the art while preparing for a missions trip his senior year of high school.

Now, through Inflatable Stories, his love for children’s ministry and passion for balloons converge, allowing him to share the gospel in unique and powerful ways. In his hands, balloons transform into life-size works of art reflecting the truth of Scripture in a way that captivates kids’ hearts and minds.

Dan travels across the U.S. and the world, bringing Inflatable Stories to kids at churches, camps, and other ministry events. Through his travels, Dan has come to understand the unique ministry role he plays.

Dan is an experienced story teller, a master at capturing and maintaining the attention of children, as well as adults. As he sees it, “The most important message in the world—the good news of Jesus Christ—won’t impact anyone if no one is paying attention. That’s why I use these ‘blown-up stories’ to share life’s biggest truths. I’m glad kids have as much fun seeing my work as I do creating it, but it doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t impact their lives. I carry balloon sculptures to churches because I see God using my gift to bring the Bible to life for them. It’s that simple.”

In addition to his ministry through Inflatable Stories, Dan recently completed his first children’s book, The Inflated Story of Noah, which features large-scale balloon creations photographed on location in places like Alaska, the Galapagos Islands, and Israel—a project 10 years in the making.

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what our friends say …

"We had a great time with Dan and his balloons for our back to school event! He was extremely patient and informative both leading up to the event and the day of the event. He was prepared and had worked through all the details beforehand so I didn't have to stress or worry about those details. We honestly had no idea what to estimate for a number but he went with the flow and never seemed frustrated. He offered to add an extra at the end and let everyone make a balloon with him! This was a wonderful surprise and enjoyed by all! We had all ages at our event and everyone had a fabulous time! He brought in the children, youth, adults, and Senior Adults into his show with a fun and enjoyable program! The last picture is the oldest member of our church who I believe is 94 this year! I would guess that almost half our audience was actually visitors! His theme message that everything is possible with God was clear and stuck with the group after the event. The thing that meant the most to me personally was he was real. It wasn't just a performance where he showed up, did his job, and left. He wanted to know how our church was and how he could pray. He cared about us before, during, and even after the event. His card he sent in the mail after the event was so thoughtful! Our church and community had a great evening and we are very thankful for Dan and his ministry! "

Jane Johns

Jessica Melton – Children’s Director, Eastside Baptist Church

"We really enjoyed our time with Dan again this year! The families enjoy it!! Dan is very easy to work with and he is very considerate of our facility, energy it takes to get a facility ready for an event (and put everything back)! We would give him a 10 on a scale of 1-10!"

Jane Johns

White Horse Christian Center

“Everyone loved Dr. Dan!! He was so enthusiastic and knew his stuff!! Our staff, kids and parents alike thought he was fantastic!! He was worth every penny spent!! Thanks so much!!”

Melodey Pfeffer

Director of Children’s Ministries / Preteen Coordinator – Blue Grass Church

"We really appreciate the ministry of Dr. Dan and would recommend him to other churches!"

Pastor Connie Blastock

Children’s Pastor, Ontario Nazarene

"Our congregation thoroughly enjoyed having Dr. Dan with us...His Nativity program was perfect for our community event at the beginning of the Christmas season. We had entire families- from babies to grandparents- in attendance...Dr. Dan held their attention really well, engaged everyone, and had a variety of ways for kids to be included in the program. At the end, he wrapped up the program with a wonderful explanation of the gospel. We would recommend Dr. Dan for any event- but especially for a family outreach time!"

Pastor Connie Blastock

Children’s Pastor, Ontario Nazarene

“Without reservation I highly recommend Dr. Dan and his inflatable stories! We had such an awesome time at our Children’s Family and Friends Christmas Celebration. Dr. Dan made us laugh and think. He gave a clear presentation of the Greatest Story ever told…the Gospel! Not even the largest snow storm of the year prevented him from coming! Our children and their families are still commenting on the time we had! He stayed for our Happy Jesus Birthday Party even though he had a long journey, in the snow, ahead of him! Thank you Dr. Dan!!”

James R. Buchanan

Associate Pastor, Green Meadows Baptist Church

“Dan has a unique ability to share the gospel in a fun and creative way through his balloon ministry. He is gifted, personable, humorous, and gospel-centered. Our church was greatly blessed by having him.”

Matt Peek

Executive Pastor

“I have had the opportunity to serve in ministry as a Youth Pastor and Pastor for over 13 years. I have seen many unique presentations of the Gospel over time and I can honestly say that Dan blows it out of the water, or balloon. His genuine approach to reaching everyone in the audience regardless of age, is a God-given talent. You will not regret having Dan come to help your church reach people for Christ while also encouraging Christians along the way.”

Joey Deese


"Dan was a terrific ministry partner from preparation to performance. As a former Upward league director he really understood our mission and message and worked alongside of us to clearly communicate the gospel to our families. His show was both unique and entertaining and we were all blessed by his ministry. And kids love balloons!"

Kyle French

Upward Director, Spanish River Church