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Isaac Pittman


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Isaac Pittman

Musician, Worship Leader

“Sharing Jesus and what the Lord has done through the beautiful and broken parts of my life has always been my goal. Music is just the means to that end. I am grateful for His mercy, grace and every opportunity he brings my way!”

Isaac Pittman has been writing music and singing songs since he was a little boy. Music has not only been an outlet for him to create and utilize his gifting, but it has created a space for him to heal, inspire, encourage, and find purpose within the pain. Isaac has been leading worship since he was 18, and has been touring and doing music full time since moving to Nashville, TN in 2012.

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what our friends say …

“Our D-Now Weekend couldn't have been better. Isaac did an amazing job! I'll admit I had high expectations for Isaac and he surpassed them.”

Jason Wells

Moulton Baptist Church

“We’ve loved partnering with Isaac Pittman over the years. He’s incredibly engaging as a worship leader on stage, but what makes him especially unique is his ability and willingness to connect with students offstage. If I had to use one word to describe Issac, it would be “present”. Isaac is incredibly present in all aspects of camp. Whether that’s doing back handsprings at recreation, going out and serving at mission sites, or getting offstage to go pray with a students in the audience, Isaac is incredibly present at camp. I know that first and foremost, Isaac is there to minister to students personally and not just play some songs for the week. ”

Brad Barnett

Senior Manager of Lifeway’s Fuge & Student Life Camps

“I love getting to partner with Isaac. He cares so much for people and his passion is contagious. He will lead intentionally while showing each individual the love of Christ.”

Kelly McKinley

“Issac has been so enjoyable to work with. His passion on and off the stage is evident in how the band and he carry themselves. Musically they nailed it and created a great environment for students to worship! ”

Mike Branton

Director of Christ in Youth

“I’ve known Isaac for nearly 20 years. He’s one of the most humble, kind, Spirit led people I know. His gifts extend far beyond his musical abilities, although he’s really good at what he does. Isaac is not just a worship leader. I view him as a leader of worshippers. He’s not content to just stand up front and lead some songs. He desires to see people worship in every area of their life. Isaac interacts and relates with people with a gracious and loving spirit. He’s led our church multiple times and has connected with our people in an authentic and transparent way, leading them closer to a God who loves us all. I hope you’ll consider having Isaac and his band to your venue. You’ll be blessed, you’ll be encouraged, and you’ll be drawn closer to our Father. ”

Tyson Herald

West Bridge Church

“I have known Isaac Pittman since 2004. We instantly connected as brothers in Christ. He sang in my wedding; at different times through his connections with Cedarville University and with Scioto Hills Camp and Retreat Center, he spent key discipleship moments with my students when I was a youth pastor in Ohio from 2003–2007. When my wife and I moved to attend seminary at Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas, Isaac remained a constant friend. In 2015, I received my first call to a senior pastor position in rural Illinois. My pastoral heart is to see church’s with long, storied histories experience renewal for the next generation. During that first year, I reached out to ISAAC—a band dedicated to the worship of God—whatever it takes. Sacrificial worship has marked Isaac’s life ever since I’ve known him, a man of integrity and great love for Jesus. How awesome it was to host ISAAC at our local church’s mission conference, to get to know the band members, and to see the same love for Jesus in all of them! ISAAC performs in some incredible venues. The opportunity they had with West Lisbon Church was different—we are small, rural, out-of-the-way, a farming community. From the business of booking them to hosting to the performance, I was so pleased with our time with ISAAC. As a pastor of a multi-generational church aimed at renewal, we titled that 2015 Mission Conference “Burdened for the Harvest,” and ISAAC played a significant role in our congregation’s worshipful embrace of that burden once again. If you’re a pastor looking for a worship-centered spark in your congregation’s love for the Savior leading to mission coming from a place of deep biblical and spiritual maturity, prayerfully consider booking ISAAC for your next conference or event.”

Rex J. Howe

West Lisbon Church