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Bringing People Together: Church Comedy Night

Sep 10, 2018 | Blog, Comedy, Events, Family

Carl Crispin

Bringing People Together through Comedy

We get a chance to travel across the United States each week and perform at a variety of events in many different settings, but the church comedy night is one of my favorite things to be a part of.

I don’t believe people laugh enough. Our lives are plenty stressful and busy, but do we take time to laugh?

So many good things come from bringing the church family together to laugh. We see it all the time. When we laugh together, it breaks down walls. People come to us all the time and share what’s going on in their lives. I’m convinced they wouldn’t share as openly or as willingly if the conversation wasn’t preceded by laughter.

The story that is shared with us so often is the story of something difficult happening in somebody’s life; a bad week, or a loss of some kind that results in a person who just hasn’t been able to laugh. They share how thankful they are that they could come together with the church family, set aside whatever the issue is in their life, and just laugh. It doesn’t make the difficulty go away, but it gives you a new perspective; a renewed energy to go out and face the problem.

People are also thankful to participate in a comedy night where there is no concern of inappropriate topics or suggestive material. I’ve had parents tell me stories about watching a comedy show on TV with their kids; remote in hand ready to skip past the questionable material.

At a church comedy night, the whole family can enjoy the laughs. The parents can relax and enjoy the fun without having the responsibility of editing the program.

I had a guy tell me recently that during a show at a church he could see both a 7 year old and a 70 year old from where he was sitting during our show and both were laughing hysterically.

A comedy show with 321 Improv Comedy has a great combination of physical humor that the younger members of the audience will appreciate; mixed with creative, reactive, and observational humor for the adults.

All of these things are great, but I think the best result of a church comedy night is the possibility of getting somebody to come to church that wouldn’t ordinarily attend a service. These are my favorite stories!

Somebody from church invites a friend, or a neighbor, or a family member and it’s that persons first time walking in the church. They see the laughter and realize their perception of church was not accurate. They find out somebody they know goes to church there. They find out the fear they had of strange stuff going on in the church was unfounded. And they agree to come back another time.

That person is one of the ones we have in mind when we briefly share our belief that happiness is temporary, but true joy is eternal and can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus.

I’ve seen the interactive comedy 321 Improv is known for bring families together for a night of laughter that has the ability to heal relationships and create lasting memories. I’ve seen the church comedy night bring the church family together and re-energize them to reach their communities.

It’s an amazing thing to watch God work. We think we’re just getting together to laugh. He always has much bigger plans.

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