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Acts the 3 Man Show

Full Length Action Drama Based on the New Testament 

Acts the 3-Man Show is a bold, unflinching, action packed and moving drama based on the powerful New Testament book of Acts. Armed with one of the great dramatic narratives in the Bible, three professional and accomplished Christian actors (Bryce Lenon, Reggie Austin, and Gabriel Rivera) take the stage to play all the roles – Peter, Paul, Stephen, Barnabas, Herod, Caiaphas, Nero and dozens more.

The show has gained a stellar reputation for Biblical accuracy blended with artistic excellence

  • Witness the stoning of Stephen, Peter at Pentecost, Saul’s persecution of the church, his conversion.
  • Hear the Apostle’s bold and inspired preaching after the resurrection of Jesus
  • See repentance and healing among the Gentiles as the Gospel is preached to the ends of the earth.
  • Know Paul’s endurance at the riot in Jerusalem
  • Experience the epic storm at sea and shipwreck on Malta
  • Be Moved by Paul’s boldness before Nero and Peter’s faithfulness at his crucifixion
  • Understand more deeply the cost of following Christ and the Hope of Heaven

Written and directed by Bryce Lenon, Acts the 3-Man Show is an acting tour-de-force by performers with MFA’s in Theater and numerous stage, film and TV credits among them including 24, ER, Cold Case, House MD, Lie to Me, FlashForward, Law & Order, NCIS, CSI Miami, Homeland and Bones. Recording artist Nathan Winston also adds his expertise as tour manager and speaker.

The U.S. theatrical run of Acts the 3-Man Show premiered in Los Angeles in 2011 and has continued to travel nationwide and has been invited to perform in large conferences and small churches alike.

“We have performed all over the country for thousands of people, but our desire is to be faithful to the Audience of One who inspired the Word from which we glean our performance.” – Bryce Lenon

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what our friends say …

“Brilliant. One of the most moving, captivating and compelling personal experiences I have had. The drama of the book of Acts comes alive in an amazing feat of acting.“

John MacArthur

Pastor, Author

“We had the pleasure of having Acts the 3-Man Show as part of this year’s annual women’s conference. These men are phenomenal actors, but even more noticeable than their acting skills is their love for Jesus Christ and the gospel. They perform humbly, giving all glory to God. The drama is scripturally accurate, many times quoting actual passages of scripture word for word. It also intertwines parts of the epistles to tell the life of Peter and Paul. I am still in awe of it! These words from the women who attended say it best…”amazing, left me speechless, powerful, spellbinding, unforgettable, the best Biblical drama I have ever seen.” Well done, good and faithful servants!“

Karen Rucker

Director, Devoted Hearts Conference

“Such a fantastic event. I went in with high expectations from what I had heard and I was still blown away. Phenomenal acting and production.“

Will Orr

Director, Young Life

“Simplistic sets, sound doctrine, and a common vision allow three actors to effectively portray the history of the early church…Condensing the 28 chapters of Acts plus Peter and Paul’s martyrdom into a two-hour performance that captures the heart of the Biblical narrative was no easy feat…“

World Magazine

“One of the most powerful moving productions I’ve seen. While Paul and the Apostles sought holiness, they were also human and the actors superbly created that element. The music, attention to exegetical accuracy and spectacle with few props and only three men playing multiple parts is truly astounding.“

Ryan O’Quinn

Actor, Comedian, Author

“Acts the 3-Man Show will follow you home, invade your conscience, and challenge you to take up your own sword for God with the talents He has given to you. Daunting, clear and powerful, kudos have to be given to this ensemble tour-de-force.“

Sgt. Jerry Della Salla

US Army Veteran, Actor in Green Zone

“Los Angeles is home to some of the best acting talent in the world and there is no room for low-production value performances. Acts the 3-Man Show surprised even the seasoned professional actors in our congregation with its captivating storyline and moving performances. In a time when most Christian productions either water down the gospel or the production value, Acts the 3-Man Show is a marvelous example of Biblically faithful, artistically excellent performance.“

Brian Colmery

Senior Pastor, Cornerstone Church