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Slugs & Bugs Live with Randall Goodgame

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Slugs and Bugs LIVE is an unforgettable, fun-filled experience for the whole family. Presented by Randall Goodgame, a two time Dove Award nominee (Children’s Album of the Year), the concert combines silly with substance as parents and kids (of all ages!) laugh and sing and learn about Jesus while singing the Bible.

With tons of crowd participation, multiple live instruments, world class music, and hand-drawn video animation, Slugs and Bugs LIVE is a delightful way to bless your community. The concert joyfully weaves the Gospel throughout the performance, resulting in perhaps the biggest impact on the families in your church all year.

If your church is looking for a special experience that shares the Gospel to both children and their parents with the musical quality found in mainstream concerts, you’re in the right place. Slugs and Bugs is what you get when you seek only the highest level of excellence in Children’s Worship Music.

Randall Goodgame, a highly-acclaimed singer/songwriter, is the founder of Slugs and Bugs. Randall has written a slew of songs for Caedmon’s Call and many other artists. While penning silly songs for Veggie Tales, he became captivated by the challenge of bringing humor, artistry, and the Good News of Jesus together to serve families in a new way.

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what our friends say …

"The event was a huge hit! It was a blessing to see parents and children having fun together, worshipping together....just SO MUCH JOY!! Truly the highlight of our family ministry for the year!"

Terrice Tinsley

Director of Children’s Ministries – Christ Church of Austin, TX

“We had a wonderful time Saturday evening. Randall was very well received. He and Daniel were a pleasure to work with. I loved to hear Randall share from his heart about making time for children (and adults) to be silly and not take themselves so seriously. There was a great combination of scripture songs and silly songs and the concert length was just right for the kids that we had.”

Jacob Tilton

Redeemer Presbyterian Church San Antonio

“He was very successful in engaging and energizing the crowd! The students loved his songs and stories...Randall seemed to have known just the right things to say and sing about to sustain students attention during the 30-45 minute performance. If the opportunity ever presented itself again, we would love to have Randall Goodgame from Slugs and Bugs come to our school and celebrate with us again through his songs and stories!”

Shawn P. Lawrence

Executive Pricipal, Eagle View Elementary School

"The Slugs & Bugs concert was a blast! We were able to reach out to families in our community and to help the families within our congregation catch a vision for the joy that can come when the whole family worships together! Randall Goodgame is engaging, excellent, and hilarious. Received wonderful feedback from attendees ages 5-81!"

Lindsey Goetz

First Presbyterian Church of Aurora

“Randall Goodgame is a funny, funny guy. Slugs & Bugs is good stuff!”

Phil Vischer

Creator of VeggieTales and What’s In The Bible?

"I am so very thankful for Mr. Goodgame coming and for all of the assistance leading up to the concert last night. It is very easy to listen to someone sing the Bible when it is obvious that his life shows the Gospel off stage as well."

Melanie Brewer

Buck Run Baptist Church – Frankfort, KY

“Slugs & Bugs is the PIXAR of kids music.”

Chris Whitler

Youth With A Mission

“Inviting Slugs and Bugs was a highlight our our ministry this fall! Our sanctuary was filled with families who were eager to learn new songs and who were simply enjoying the gift of being together. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the music, the joy, and the fun of Slugs and Bugs right in our own community!”

Kristen Livingston

Abbe Reformed Church

“Randall Goodgame, both the artist behind and the one and only amazing frontman for Slugs And Bugs, gives a spectacularly fun show for kids and parents that leaves every audience member without doubt as to the awesome gifts of redemption and eternal life through Jesus Christ, all while singing lyrics right from the Word of God set to incredibly delightful soundscape. Bringing Randall to small town Colville, Washington during the Christmas season turned out to be the perfect present for everyone involved. A kind and genuine brother in Christ, with an undeniably bright light, sharing truth through song and story, Randall is an experience you’ll want to bring to your own town to share with others.”

Leslie Limardo

Grace Evangelical Church

“Randall Goodgame gave an amazing performance. The kids and families had a blast. It was a huge success!”

Kara Steslicki

Early Childhood Director, Top Church of the Nazarene